Committees need to report effectively to the board so that all directors are adequately informed. This webinar focuses on the role and running of new, emerging and traditional committees. It also expands on good practice guidelines unique to the type of committee which add value to the board.

We will cover:

How today’s new committees meet present and future needs, their roles and responsibilities relating to:

  • Technology, Cyber Risk, Innovation.
  • Strategy Committee.
  • OHS/WHS/Safety.

The role of traditional committees:

  • Audit and Risk Committee overview
    • Understand the roles, regulations and the law, objectives and charter.
    • Key internal relationships – Board and management, CEO and CFO.
    • How they work with an external auditor and an internal auditor.
    • Non-standard issues they may face – fraud, whistle-blowers, material reinstatements.
  • Nomination and Remuneration Committee
    • Understand the role, regulations, law, objectives and charter and internal relationships.
    • CEO evaluation and succession planning.
    • Board’s role in human capital and compensation beyond the CEO.
    • Strategies around design and monitoring of executive compensation and incentive plans.
    • Identifying, assessing and managing the major risks associated with compensation.
  • Governance Committees, Executive Committees and Fundraising Committees
    • Their roles, purpose and unique matters, e.g., for NFPs.