Globally, trust in institutions has been in decline for years. In Australia, banks have let down their customers, major listed companies have faced money laundering scandals, activist NFPs are targeting companies on the wrong side of the climate debate and there are calls to ‘civilise capitalism’ before the model is rejected. What can companies do to get on top of these developments?

We will cover:

  • A brief exploration of why capitalism might need ‘civilising’ and why its good business to be a good corporate citizen.
  • Internal sustainability: actions a company can take to protect and nurture a culture of community responsibility and why this matters from a stakeholder perspective.
  • The role of responsible supply chain management and human rights implications for failures.
  • How and why banks and other sectors are increasingly going to demand sustainable practices from their customers.
  • The changing dynamic of the role of corporations in society and the meaning of stakeholder capitalism.

This will be an interactive webinar with opportunity to exchange views and will be relevant to directors increasingly concerned about stakeholder expectations in this field and for executives looking to understand their role in shaping sustainability agendas in their businesses.