The current director liability and industrial manslaughter laws ensures health and safety continues to be a core legal responsibility and significant risk faced by boards.

The internal and external contexts in which organisations manage risks and proactively care for their staff’s mental health and wellbeing have changed substantially. Join our legal, health and safety and wellness experts as they cover the latest regulatory actions regarding psychological risks and other workplace research examining:

  • The legal requirements for officers and organisations regarding mental health and wellbeing. What is the liability for a breach?
  • The demonstrable risks of not managing wellbeing – what boards should know
  • How to quantify organisational staff wellbeing
  • The content and structure of a mental health risk assessment, elimination and mitigation measures
  • How to mitigate the risks identified using evidence based good practice

Insights from the latest workplace wellbeing research shed an important light on what boards should be measuring and managing to care for the wellbeing of their people and manage organisational risk. By the end of the webinar you will understand mental health and general wellbeing from legal and risk perspectives and how you can assess, mitigate and drive positive change to impact organisational engagement and performance.