This rapidly evolving landscape needs to be exposed, proactively dealt with and embedded in your strategic approach to overall risk and performance.

This webinar will outline and explore:

Emerging key integrity risks to sport such as fiduciary duties to minors, incentives for match fixing and corruption, the complexity of anti-doping compliance and monitoring, and data use and storage.

Embedding these risks into an integrity framework and good governance practices, focusing on the following Sports Governance Principles:

  • Principle 7 – risk management framework, appetite, metrics and performance
  • Principle 8– legal and governance responsibility, oversight of systems to ensure integrity

The webinar includes practical insights from guest experts which will build your integrity literacy and enable you to improve board reporting, risk detection and oversight, and ultimately protect the reputation and trust in sport.

This webinar is relevant for all people involved in sports from executives and administrators of grass roots sport to aspiring and practising board directors.