Organisations are facing an accelerated pace of change as the disruption of COVID, digitisation and rapidly changing consumer expectations re-shape the corporate world. Evidence is also building that purpose-driven companies see higher market share gains, faster growth and greater workforce and customer satisfaction.

Against this backdrop, we will explore the role of the board in setting the organisation’s purpose and strategy to survive, evolve and thrive. Our host and panel will cover:

• Setting and evaluating your organisation’s purpose through the lens of customers and other stakeholders.

• Creating a common sense of purpose to set a culture supported by the organisation’s workforce.

• Providing the board with a clear purpose driven framework for setting and executing strategy.

• Outlining a broader range of scenarios for today’s boards to consider in setting strategy.

• Exploring questions for boards to ask when determining if strategy aligns with purpose.

• Weighing up strategic opportunities against risks

Designed for boards who are looking to best position their organisation to adapt to a changing environment and stakeholder expectations.