Royal Commissions, formal enquiries and a multitude of sensational media headlines bring sharp focus to the criticality of getting directors’ duties right. Dismiss, or disappoint, and the consequences for directors and the organisations they lead can be consequential. 

Join this webinar for a practical and contemporary understanding of directors’ duties. We will explore how directors must perform their duties and exercise power, in terms of: 

  • Attitude: - the duty to act in good faith,
    - for a proper purpose’ and
    - in the best interests of the corporation.
  • Attention: - duties covering care,
       - skill and diligence; and
       - solvency.
  • Approach: - to your accompanying governance role
       - to board and organisational culture.
Whether you are seeking a knowledge refresher including the latest developments or contemplating embarking on a board career for the first time, join us for an introduction to and practical exploration of contemporary directors’ duties.