The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic dashed profits, and incentive payments, for most executives. Now that we are coming out of COVID-19, the challenge is to reset and ask - How high should the executive bar be set to be both reasonable and motivating? Over what time frames? And how much in cash and equity?

This webinar will cover:

  • The year that was: how much did executives earn and how much did they miss out on?
  • How did companies cope with uncertainty in setting performance targets and tying these to incentives?
  • What is likely to apply as we come out of COVID-19?
  • How will shareholders (and proxy advisory firms) respond?
  • How should directors engage with their stakeholders on pay expectations and outcomes?

By the end of the webinar directors will be armed with knowledge of market practices, and how your executives have fared in relative terms. In addition you will have a broader range of alternatives in setting performance hurdles, gateways, and modifiers for better shareholder outcomes, and more focused and motivated executives for 2021.