Many of these risks can be very tough to measure and to address, particularly for boards with their limited line of sight. So how can boards and risk committees identify, assess, measure, and monitor both financial and non-financial risks effectively? How does the traditional risk committee need to evolve to do its job properly and help their board?

This webinar will explore:

  • The recent evolution of the Australian risk landscape
  • The ‘rise’ and importance of non-financial risks
  • Insight into some 'newer' risks
  • Matters to consider when identifying, measuring and managing key non- financial risks - lessons learnt from recent events
  • How risk committees can adapt to best serve their board and company in this new landscape - reducing the gap between policy/ procedure and on the ground practice

This webinar will help boards with their evolving journey and show how committees can be the eyes and ears needed to ensure that management is not just keeping within the set risk appetite, but managing risk effectively to protect the company, its employees and, ideally, create opportunity.


This webinar is supported by the director tool resource: The evolving role of the risk committee