Every day the media describes cyber incidents involving ransomware, spear phishing or denial of service. These incidents can have significant implications for the performance, reputation, and value of organisations from every sector. The latest Cyber Security Centre Threat report observes these attacks are increasing in frequency, scale and sophistication.

How can directors provide effective oversight to the management of a cyber incident? What are the issues that impact the value of the company? How can boards intervene to limit the damage?

The webinar will cover:

  • Managing the scope and reliability of your investigation to protect your organisation
  • Targeting information collection and communication within the organisation and to third parties
  • Identifying and obtaining the information that matters
  • Matters to consider when identifying and managing key stakeholders
  • Steps for mitigation and remediation of possible damage
  • Considerations arising from contracts, regulators and the legal context

This webinar will provide you with an overview of the strategic and tactical issues that arise when cyber incidents occur. You will learn to identify and anticipate the common pitfalls to help minimise the impact of a cyber incident.