There are many causes of difficult board meetings such as poor agendas, bad chairing and egotistical directors; but looking closely they often present as variations on the same theme - some people dominate while others remain stubbornly silent. Results are low quality discussions, poor analysis, and decision making.

During this session we will use a case study to unravel behaviours that drive difficult meetings. You will explore the motives behind difficult behaviours, be challenged to recognise these tendencies in yourselves and be given strategies to deal with difficult behaviours in meetings.

The webinar will cover:

  • Identifying the tipping points that trigger difficult meeting dynamics
  • Diagnosing problematic behavioural tendencies in ourselves and others
  • Understanding the failures that increase the risk of difficult meetings
  • Assessing different types of meeting failure and the strategies for addressing them

Prior to the webinar you may wish to complete this self-assessment to understand your dominant behaviours.

This webinar is the first in a six -part series on boardroom dynamics conducted by the organisational psychologists behind AICD’s Boardroom Mastery program, and featuring a panel of director and governance experts.

The skills and strategies covered will be of benefit to all from starting to very experienced directors and chairs.