The world has never been more interconnected, and Australians are rightfully seizing the opportunities our digital world present, so in 2019, the Cyber Security Strategy Industry Advisory Panel was set up to provide advice to support the development of Australia’s 2020 Cyber Security Strategy, released 6 August 2020.

Robyn Denholm and Robert Mansfield, along with government cyber experts will discuss its panel recommendations. They will also provide advice on how boards can improve their organisation’s cyber risk management, systems and processes, skills shortages and cyber awareness.

Their recommendations for change will focus on a five-pillar framework:

  • Deterrence: deterring malicious actors from targeting Australia.
  • Prevention: preventing people and sectors in Australia from being compromised online.
  • Detection: identifying and responding quickly to cyber security threats.
  • Resilience: minimising the impact of cyber security incidents.
  • Investment: investing in essential cyber security enablers.

The Strategy suggests there will be considerable change to cybersecurity regulations and controls. Join this webinar to understand how this could impact your business and board responsibilities .