Projections from JB Were suggest a significant decline in charity revenue in 2020 and 2021. Where are charities/ fundraising organisations headed? What do we need to consider for the near future?

This webinar will be hosted by Katherine Raskob FIA and Phil Butler NFP Sector Lead and joined by panellists Lizzie Borwick, Amnesty International and Ben Cox, Gold Coast Hospital Foundation to discuss the current challenging fundraising environment. They will cover:

  • 2019/2020 natural disasters and coronavirus pandemic – What are the biggest impacts so far for fundraising charities?
  • Current issues around fundraising regulation and red tape
  • Areas directors need to consider for moving forward
  • Importance of driving a philanthropy culture during the current crisis
  • Opportunities for the future

This will be a highly engaging session brought to life through panel perspectives, discussion and audience participation. The panel will provide insights and examples from local and international organisations on how to ensure there is a future for NFPs and charitable foundations.