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Informing the Board - The Power of Effective Board Reports

What do board members look for in board papers? This webinar uncovers board and management reporting best practice such as tips on effective board papers and avoiding common mistakes.

Tuesday, 6 August 2019, 12:00PM AEST (60 minutes)

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Care, Diligence and Good Faith: Examining directors’ duties in today’s current climate

Royal Commissions and new legislation have changed the landscape for board members in 2019 alone. Whether you want to refresh your knowledge or are contemplating a board career, join us for an introduction to contemporary directors’ duties.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019, 12:00PM AEST (60 minutes)

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Dysfunction in the Boardroom - Is conflict impacting your performance?

Constructive conflict enriches discussions and informs better decision-making. Unconstructive conflict between board members, and between board and executive, can damage relationships, compromise ethics and impact efficiency and culture. This webinar shows you how to effectively deal with conflict at board level to improve performance and culture.

Thursday, 29 August 2019, 2:00PM AEST (60 minutes)

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Directing your business to achieve its strategic purpose

All businesses exist to achieve a purpose (sometimes called their mission and vision) so directors must know how to set, monitor and change strategies to achieve their own business’s specific purpose, especially in times of—often unpredictable—volatility.

Wednesday, 4 September 2019, 12:00PM AEST (60 minutes)

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Financial Essentials for Not-for-Profit Directors - Part 1

The ability to effectively analyse financial statements is an essential requirement of all not- for-profit directors. However, it is an area where many directors feel the least comfortable. Part 1 will cover: key compliance requirements under ACNC, Understanding Financial Statements and key board level review of statement

Thursday, 5 September 2019, 12:00PM AEST (60 minutes)

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Financial Essentials for Not-for-Profit Directors - Part 2

Part two will cover - questioning and monitoring performance, key ratios to use, common red flags and how to address them.
Series link with 10% discount coming soon.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019, 12:00PM AEST (60 minutes)

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NFP 2019 Governance Study Results Update

Save the date – This webinar will examine critical issues facing Australia’s not-for-profit (NFP) sector uncovered by this year’s NFP survey.

Complimentary for members.

Thursday, 12 September 2019, 12:00PM AEST (60 minutes)

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SME risk and strategy series – (10% discount given when you purchase the series )
Risk Oversight for Directors of Small to Medium Enterprises - Part 1

Examining key risks of an SME business, options to manage, mitigate and report on them. The webinar will be practically based to support SME directors carry out their risk responsibilities and offering recommendations.

Strategy Development and Implementation for Directors of SMEs - Part 2

Part Two discusses strategy: developing, implementing and monitoring the implementation. Understand ways to turn your vision into a practical strategy - an area which directors of this sector struggle with.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019, 12:00PM AEDT (60 minutes)

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Tuesday, 29 October 2019, 12:00PM AEDT (60 minutes)

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The Essential Director Update 2019

An essential event for any director practicing in today's dynamic business environment. Your annual update which informs you of the ever-changing governance, regulatory and legislative environments that affect your director duties and responsibilities.

Member Complimentary

Thursday, 7 November 2019, 12:00PM AEDT (90 minutes)

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Financial risk oversight

Led by finance and treasury professionals, this session introduces you to financial risk governance, and how it relates to your organisation's financial risk appetite and corporate strategy.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019, 12:00PM AEDT (60 minutes)

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CEO Performance Management series – (10% discount given when you purchase the series )
Great Expectations: The board’s role in hiring the CEO - Part 1

CEO recruitment is one of the most impactful, yet complex, decisions a board must make. The CEO enables the board’s strategic vision and creates and maintain the culture of the organisation. An effective CEO and CEO/ board relationship is therefore critical. This starts with CEO recruitment and on-boarding.

This webinar will step through essential components of a search process.

Great Disappointments: CEO performance management and departure

What does a board do when CEO performance isn't meeting expectations? This webinar guides you through the issues involved in CEO performance management and departure, including practical tips, designed to avoid pitfalls and navigate this critical time for individuals, boards and organisations.

Wednesday, 23 October 2019, 2:00PM AEDT (60 minutes)

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Tuesday, 12 November 2019, 12:00PM AEDT (60 minutes)

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Forging a constructive relationship with government

What every chair and NED needs to know about their business’ relationship with government. Understand how you can contribute and improve policy outcomes for industry and society more broadly.

Thursday, 14 November 2019, 12:00PM AEDT (60 minutes)

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Webinars on Demand

Below is a list of our webinar recordings available to view at your own leisure.


Topics to improve your board and board committee performance.

Evaluating Board Finances Part 1: Financial statements - interpret, analyse and deduce

Using an Australian listed company case study, this webinar will bring to life a company's financial situation by interpreting and analysing the three financial statements. We will use a unique step-by-step methodology which will assist directors with little or no financial background to easily interpret the financial statements and draw conclusions.

Evaluating Board Finances Part 2: Financial Ratios - key tools in assessing trends and identifying warning signs

This webinar follows on from Part 1 and will illustrate how financial ratios can be used to assist directors in being able to analyse the financial information, determine trends and identify warning signs for decision making.

Privacy Essentials - What directors need to know - Part 1

Privacy is now front and centre in the minds of individuals, regulators and law-makers. Getting it right is a bigger challenge than ever. Join us to understand privacy from a technological, business and regulatory perspectives, including a high level comparison of GDPR, Australian Privacy Act and California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA).

Privacy Governance - Moving from compliance to performance - Part 2

Part two of the series reveals deeper insights into how boards can provide strong privacy governance beyond compliance.

Governing a family business effectively

A family business is like a building — it needs good foundations, a designated structure to keep it strong.

This webinar will assist you in ensuring your foundations are strong enough to deal with challenges and future success. Covering practical governance tips, case studies and checklists.

Turning the negative into a positive — The changes to Whistleblower Protections

Is your organisation ready for the new whistleblower laws being introduced in July 2019? This session will provide an overview of the legal requirements of the new whistleblower regime and what a board should do to ensure best practice.

Directors' Duties: Annual Financial Reporting Considerations for Directors

The end of the financial year brings with it significant responsibilities for directors, these include understanding the areas of focus by regulators and what questions you might receive from auditors.

Board Minutes - what to include, what to exclude?

The Royal Commission into Financial services has highlighted certain ambiguities when recording board minutes. Join us to understand the legal requirements of minutes and the level of detail that minutes should ideally contain.

Understanding Audit Committees in the Public Sector

Are you aware of the compliance requirements as well as additional legislative and government directed requirements for public sector audit committees? Do you understand its nuances and how they differ from the private sector? A must for new or aspiring directors, or as a refresher for existing members of this sector.

The Company Secretary — Helping directors deliver post-Royal Commission

The compliance aspect of the company secretary role is well understood, but the role can also play a huge part in influencing positive organisational change. Understand how directors can work better with the Company Secretary and view their organisation through a different lens.

What is good financial governance for SMEs?

This webinar will examine how good financial governance is derived from your knowledge of your SME business.

Areas of focus for super trustee governance

Are trustees on top of their governance requirements, frameworks and processes? Join this webinar to ensure you are abreast of the latest regulatory focus areas.

Effective Governance of a Co-operative or Mutual Enterprise (CME)

Whether you are considering becoming a nominee member director seeking election, or are an experienced member/ independent director joining a CME board with definitive expectations of your unique contribution, this webinar will provide valuable insights, resources and tools for your CME director career.

Subsidiary Boards: navigating the pitfalls and complexities

Do you fully understand the potential risks, challenges, cultural implications and complexities of effective governance when sitting on a subsidiary board that crosses multiple jurisdictions?

School Board Update - Governing to protect children

Designed specifically for school board directors and those who report to school boards, this session explores good governance for protecting children. This session draws on the findings and recommendations from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse as well as challenges such as social media and bullying.

Raising standards, not eyebrows: Why ethics in governance is more important than ever

Boards need to be able to ‘sniff the smoke’ before they see the fire. Using an ethics lens, this session will draw on lessons learnt from a range of public sector inquiries to understand how bringing ethics into the centre of governance decision-making strengthens and protects business.

Changes to NFP Accounting Standards — What directors need to know

Understand the impact of the three (revenue, leases and contributions) significant, upcoming changes to Australian financial reporting standards on the NFP sector and know what questions you should be asking now.

Governance for boards in the aged care sector

This session explores good governance for protecting vulnerable people in the aged care sector. This webinar considers duty of care as well as the different forms of elder abuse and steps a board should take to deliver on community expectations for protecting older people.

First Among Equals — The role of the chair

This webinar will cover the chair’s responsibilities underlining the balancing act that is required between leadership and collegiality. It will also highlight the importance of this position in the organisation’s quest for good governance and sustainability.

Board Committees series

This three part series will explore board committees in detail. Starting from the foundations of when and why to set up, to focusing on a few common committees, and lastly evaluating ways to achieve a high performing committee. This is targeted at both new committee members and aspiring directors, to those who want a refresher.

Building the right foundations (Part 1)

This webinar will cover the basics of forming a board committee. A general overview of a committee plus when to, why, and what is required by law.

In-Depth Look at Different Types of Committees (Part 2)

An in-depth look at different types of committees including risk and audit, remuneration and nominations, governance and fundraising. It will also discuss new types of committees that add value to organisations. It will focus on their role and running them, including good practice guidelines unique to that type of committee.

Performance for Excellence (Part 3)

Performance for excellence will analyse board committees, discussing effective ways to deal with everyday logistics and challenges that can lead to an elevated committee performance. It will include evaluation, challenges and how to overcome them, as well as tools for effectively running meetings and minutes; and lastly when to disband.

The Role of the Not-for-profit Director

This introductory session outlines the duties and responsibilities of a director with specific focus on the not-for-profit sector.

Developing Your Director Career Series

This series will help you 'get fit' for the task of finding board roles, through understanding the landscape, your boardroom value proposition and the questions to ask before joining a new board. Purchase the five part webinar series and receive a 20% discount.

Part 1 - The art and science of board recruitment

Demand for directors is growing. However tightening regulatory demands and community expectations mean it can take several years to snare the first board seat. This session will examine the drivers of board recruitment from the point of view of boards, and arm you with an practical action plan to champion the board recruitment process

Part 2 - Matching your value proposition to boards

An important mindset for approaching a boardroom career is understanding why a board might want you. Until you can articulate for yourself what you can add, no-one else will be able to understand it. This session will help give you the tools to translate your skills into a value proposition.

Part 3 - Crafting your board-ready brand

Developing a board-ready CV -like your 'elevator pitch' - is critical preparation for your director career. Your CV must answer the most crucial question that a board will ask, 'Why should we appoint you to our board?' This session will cover key elements of developing a good board-ready CV and getting noticed.

Part 4 - Boardroom opportunity quantitative due diligence

Should you undertake due diligence board enquiries before you are interviewed, or wait until you are offered a position? This session will discuss when to start your investigations, and what you should consider when doing so.

Part 5 - Boardroom opportunity and ongoing qualitative due diligence

Both before and after you join a board it is important to keep a close eye on your continuing 'fit' and appropriateness for the board. Understand what qualitative factors you should consider when assessing your decision to join a board and your ongoing fit in the business.

School Board Governance Series

Designed specifically for school board directors and those who report to school boards.

Part 1 - The role of the school board director

Designed specifically for school board directors, and those who report to school boards, this session explores the duties and responsibilities of the school board director and the characteristics of an effective school board.

Part 2 - Strategy for school boards

Designed specifically for school board directors and those who report to school boards, this session explores the board's role in setting and monitoring school strategy and strategic decision making.

Part 3 - Risk oversight for school boards

Designed specifically for school board directors and those who report to school boards, this session explores the board's role in setting risk appetite, addressing strategic risk and overseeing a school's risk structure and framework.

Tone from the Top webinar series

Part 1 - The impact of positive conversation on director decision making

How do directors set the tone from the top? Every statement a director makes, both verbal and written, has an intent and an impact. Learn how to make that impact a positive one.

Part 2 - Using positive language to manage difficult conversations

Words have an impact on brain power and, in turn, on behaviour. This webinar will help you choose the right words and improve your ability to influence in difficult boardroom situations.

Turnaround Fundamentals: Preparing to be an effective director during the tough times

A board is only as effective as its ability to steer the ship through stormy conditions. Is your board equipped with the right knowledge and skills to keep the company afloat and allow it to prosper into the long term, in the event of financially challenging times?

Innovation and diversity - creating breakthrough ideas and smarter decisions

To coincide with the launch of her book 'Which two heads are better than one?' We invite you to join Juliet Bourke as she discusses her research findings.

Strategy and Risk

Strategy and Risk

Gain a strategic edge through effective treatment of emerging risks such as cybersecurity, social media, privacy and disruption.

Lean Thinking and Design Thinking - Lead change from the top

Lead change from the top to ensure the company is designing new products and new services customers actually want. Understand how you can de-risk new product and new service development and be confident from onset.

Effective Safety Governance — A framework for Workplace Safety & Chain of Responsibility obligations

Is compliance your key motivator when it comes to employee safety?

Understand how to positively improve safety governance whilst ensuring compliance with new heavy vehicle transport laws and workplace health & safety requirements are met.

Planning from the outside in - developing a successful strategy

The urgency of good planning and strategy is being accentuated by the 'Asian Century', where our greatest competition will be from our neighbours. We need to change our mindset from that of the Industrial Age when businesses planned from the inside out, to a more effective strategy from the outside in.

Leveraging reputation beyond risk mitigation

What are the three fundamental components of overseeing corporate reputation? The Brand Institute’s Karl Treacher and PwC’s Russel Howcroft (Gruen) will provide critical insight into leveraging reputation beyond risk mitigation.

Getting your board Asia capable

This is the Asian century — Asia now accounts for over 41 per cent of world GDP, bigger than the whole of the EU and North America. Australian directors are challenged by a rapidly urbanising, modernising, innovating and fast changing Asia right at our doorsteps. Is your board Asia ready?

Mergers for NFPs in the face of NDIS disruption

Almost two thirds of directors of disability organisations stated that they had discussed the possibility of a merger in the past 12 months. This webinar will take you through key factors boards are facing due to a fundamental change of their business models.

To whom are directors duties owed? The 21st Edition of Directors Duties and Responsibilities

Join Professor Robert Baxt AO to discuss the 21st Edition of Directors Duties and Responsibilities.

Information Technology

Information Technology

IT governance boardroom essentials, including how to prepare for disruption and social media strategy.

Assessing Digital Efficiency for SMEs – Asking the smart questions

Do you know which key questions you need answered so you can shape conversations and manage risks when changing, disrupting or transforming your business?

Join us to explore the business strategies, models and responsibilities for an optimal outcome.


Complimentary (for members)

Member only content including the Essential Director Update.

Minutes in the spotlight

The Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Governance Institute of Australia have collaborated to explore the most critical issues for boards and will be releasing a joint statement in August, supported by a barristers' opinion, to outline our position on these issues.

Directors' Regulatory Update 2019

Key reforms and developments include the release of the 4th edition of the ASX Corporate Governance principles, introduction of modern slavery legislation and much-anticipated whistleblower reforms. Amidst this changing regulatory landscape, it is critical that directors understand their evolving responsibilities under the law.

2019 Federal Election - The final results

Election 2019 outcomes - the final results and their impact on the economy discussed. **Please note the date has not been confirmed so the live session date may change.

Building Cyber Resilience: Unlocking opportunities and managing risks in data technology

How can you create a stronger and more secure organisation while managing emerging and evolving risks from our data-driven world?

Budget Update 2019

What will the budget include this year and how will it impact the economy, different socio-economic groups, and different business sector risks?

Achieving good governance using the revised NFP Governance Principles

At a time when good governance has never been more important, the revised NFP Governance Principles and Guidance publication provides more detailed governance insights and also more guidance. Join us to understand its application in your organisation.

How start-ups can help your organisation embrace innovation

With over 700 fintech start-ups changing the landscape of corporate Australia, is your organisation ready to take on future challenges and industry disruption? Join us to discover what our new partnership with Stone & Chalk could mean to you.

Financial Services Royal Commission Update – Governance insights

The Royal Commission has put governance and accountability firmly in the public spotlight. In this session, we explore the key governance themes emerging from the interim report including Commissioner Hayne's proposals for reform.