Short courses

Facilitated by directors with real-world experience across a variety of industries and sectors, our short courses will provide you with new insights and practical tools to use inside and outside the boardroom. 

Using intensive working sessions and activities, these courses are designed to update and deepen your knowledge on governance issues, board practice and the roles and responsibilities of directors. Ranging from half-day (5 DPD units) to full-day (10 DPD units) sessions, they are tailored to senior executives and managers, committee members and newly appointed through to experienced directors.

Advanced Not-for-Profit Governance

Exclusively designed for experienced not-for-profit directors, this course offers a unique opportunity to focus on the complex strategic and cultural issue facing the sector.

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Mastering Financial Governance

Designed for directors of financial and non-financial backgrounds, this course will enhance your knowledge and build key skills needed for financial governance. 

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The Board and the CEO

Designed to cover the full spectrum of issues that affect the board-CEO dynamic, this course identifies good practices to enhance this relationship and provides a framework for effective succession planning.  

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The Role of the Chair

Designed to fine-tune boardroom leadership and governance skills, this course provides an in-depth analysis of the role, accountabilities and key relationships of the chair of the board. 

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Applied Risk Governance

This course explores how effective oversight of risk can be leveraged to improve governance, performance resilience and a competitive advantage. 

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Subsidiary Boards

Explore the complex governance challenges specific to subsidiary boards and learn how to fulfill your responsibilities as a director and effectively manage the relationship with your parent board. 

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Boardroom Financial Confidence

Through two interactive case studies, learn how to develop your understanding of financial assessment, strategy and risk oversight. 

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Governance Foundations for Not-for-Profit Directors

This course will provide you with an understanding of the fundamental roles and responsibilities of not-for-profit directors, in relation to governance, risk, financial performance and strategy. 

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The Strategic Board

Using case studies in an interactive group session, you will learn how to apply a range of practical tools and flexible frameworks when establishing and delivering strategy for your organisation. 

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Boardroom Effectiveness for Women

This course explores the competencies of effective leaders; focussing on team dynamics, gender differences in the workplace and conscious and unconscious biases in the workplace.

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Governing to Protect Vulnerable People

This course is designed to support directors of organisations with responsibility for vulnerable people. The course will provide an understanding of the transparent and accountable governance practices which are vital in fulfilling your duty of care.

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SME Governance Program

Designed for owners and directors of small to medium businesses, this course will equip you with the practical tools and relevant governance knowledge to help you drive growth and unlock the value in your business.

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Governance Essentials

Examine the fundamental roles and responsibilities that contribute to good governance.

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Reporting to the Board

Enhance the contribution you make to your board.

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The Board's Role in NFP Merger Activities

Explore why NFPs merge and the challenges involved in preparing and successfully undertaking merger activities in the NFP sector.

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The Board and the Company Secretary

Explore issues that affect this dynamic relationship and take away practical tools to better support your board.

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Does Your Business Need a Board?

Determine if your business is ready to establish a board and decide on the right type of board for you.

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The Board’s Role in Cyber

Would you add value when responding to a cyber crisis? Designed for experienced directors this illuminating four-week online course combines real-world challenges led by expert facilitators.

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Why learn with us?

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Contemporary Content

Designed by expert educators with the input of experienced directors and subject matter experts, our courses offer contemporary content that is updated annually. Course materials include recent case studies and real-life examples to ensure relevancy for directors of today and tomorrow.
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Expert Facilitators

Our course facilitators boast extensive real-world director experience and undergo a rigorous selection and development process to ensure they are equipped to create an interactive and engaging learning environment.
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High-Calibre Participants

Connect with and learn from a diverse group of experienced senior executives and directors who are passionate about improving their impact and leadership in the boardroom and the performance of their business.
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Widely Recognised

By undertaking one of our highly regarded programs you are demonstrating your commitment to good governance and can earn the widely recognised post nominals that associate you with Australia's leading organisation for directors.

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Duties and Responsibilities of the Not-for-Profit Director

This course examines the duties and responsibilities of directors or council members in not-for-profit organisations, understands the role of the regulatory authorities and appreciates the potential personal liability.

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Not-for-Profit Board Dynamics

Gain insight into board composition, board structure and internal board processes which add value to the organisation. Take away practical steps and tools to assist with driving organisation and board performance. Recognise the impact of ethics, behaviour and culture on board performance.

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Advanced Not-for-Profit Governance for Indigenous Boards

Outline the role of the board in leading the executive, organisation and stakeholder in areas of sustainability, strategy and risk. Identify techniques for ongoing monitoring of the organisations strategic plan and its objectives.

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Driving and Monitoring Not-for-Profit Performance

Critically evaluate the role of directors of not-for-profit boards in driving performance, resilience and sustainability. Recognise the current challenges facing the board in driving the development of an enduring organisation able to effectively fulfil its purpose. Identify and analyse significant strategic issues facing the board that will impact the sustainability and success of the organisation.

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Finance for the Not-for-Profit Director

Identify the major elements of the financial statements and the linkages between them. Appreciate a director’s duties with regard to a company’s financial statements and financial reports. Evaluate financial performance by reviewing financial statements over time.

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