What eLearning course topics are available?

These focused, content-only courses provide readily-digestible governance insights straight to your favourite device. Set your own pace as you gain new understanding and develop your skills. These courses are ideal for those who learn best while working independently, or who require absolute flexibility in their study routine.

Each eLearning course involves approximately one-to-two hours of professional learning which can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Once registered, your access to a course is open for three months. During this time, you may log in as frequently as desired. The course does not need to be completed in one sitting.

Ethics in the Boardroom

Ethics in the Boardroom is a unique program designed to help you examine ethical decision making through four distinct lenses and provides a five-step decision-making framework to apply for lens.

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The Role of the Board

The Role of the Board provides a detailed analysis of the board’s duties and responsibilities in today’s business environment.

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The Role of the Director

The Role of the Director online course provides an in-depth overview of the key duties and responsibilities of directors.

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Governance in Action

This Governance in Action online course offers key insights into the inner workings of the board and its critical role in an organisation.

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Effective Board Meetings

The Effective Board Meetings online course is for directors seeking further guidance on how to prepare for and contribute to effective board meetings.

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Conflicts of Interest

The Conflicts of Interest online course offers you insights into the potential conflicts of interest faced by individual directors and the board as a whole.

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Interpreting Financial Statements

Interpreting Financial Statements is a self-paced interactive online course that allows you to simulate the role of director in assessing and maintaining the financial integrity of an organisation.

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The Director Mindset

Executives who become directors must see things differently, so they can think differently and behave differently.

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