Upon successful completion of the Company Directors Course Update examination, multiple choice quiz and assignment you will receive the Company Directors Course Award, as well as 10 DPD units.

Successful completion is indicative of your commitment to good governance practices and associates you with a community of informed directors who value ongoing director professional development.


Grading for the Company Directors Course Award:

  • Pass — 65%-79% for each of the three components 
  • Pass with Order of Merit — 80% or over for each of the three components on first attempt 
  • Not successful — Less than 65% for one or more of the three components 


The assessment structure is:

  1. Attendance
    • Attend both days i.e. all modules
  2. Long answer examination
    • Online
    • Open book
    • 105 minutes comprising 4 questions of 300-400 word length (including reading and preparation time)
    • Pass mark 65%
    • One resit allowed (fee applies)
  3. Multiple choice quiz
    • Online
    • Open book
    • 60 minutes comprising 20 multiple choice questions
    • Pass mark 65%
    • One resit allowed
  4. Assignment
    • Case study based
    • 3000±10% word limit
    • Plagiarism checked upon submission
    • Pass mark for is 65%
    • One resit allowed (fee applies)

Timeframe for completion 

All three assessment components, including any required resits must be completed and submitted within three months from the last day of the course attended. 


Company Directors Course - Assessment Information (512 KB)

*This requirement does not apply to the Company Directors Course Online.