Think like a director. Improve your ability to drive sustainable value. Have confidence in your future.

The world around us is changing, and organisations are looking to their leaders to confidently and capably navigate their business through today’s volatile environment.

The Company Directors Course Self-Paced offers you a convenient and flexible way to upskill and prepare yourself for the disrupted landscape ahead.

Invest in your professional development today and become part of an exclusive community of leaders.

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Is this course right for you?

If you are a director, business owner, senior executive or aspiring director looking to drive your career forward and improve your impact in today’s evolving business landscape, this is the essential course for you.

With over 40,000 graduates to date, the Company Directors Course™ attracts a diverse group of leaders from a wide range of sectors, industries and organisations.

Delivered as a self-paced course, you will be supported by online tutors, regular webinars, and discussion forums that allow you to engage with and learn from other participants. It is best suited to disciplined learners looking to take charge of their own study schedule.

We recommend you complete the Foundations of Directorship™ course or have relevant boardroom experience before enrolling.

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What will you learn?

Take an in-depth look at the responsibilities and expectations of directors, explore the issues and trends facing boards and businesses today, and deepen your understanding of what effective governance looks like in practice.

The Company Directors Course provides a comprehensive overview of the roles and duties of board directors and includes topics on the legal environment, the director mindset, strategy and risk, financial performance, decision making, board and organisational culture, board dynamics and measuring board effectiveness.

Upon completion of this course, participants will have an understanding of:

  • The duties of directors, the legal environment in which they operate and the function and responsibilities of the board
  • Contemporary issues facing boards and relevant frameworks and tools to help boards govern effectively
  • The board’s role in developing and executing strategy, overseeing risk, and developing and monitoring culture
  • How to analyse financial reports and financial performance and the levers available to the board in driving organisational performance
  • Board dynamics, how to improve board effectiveness, and how a constructive board culture can create value for an organisation.

Through learning activities including in-depth case studies and the opportunity to share professional experiences with peers, participants will also gain an understanding of how to apply learnings to their own circumstances.

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What can you expect?

The self-paced course offers complete flexibility with participants taking charge of their own study schedule and pace. Supported by course notes, study guides, online resources and discussion forums and access to expert tutors, participants have six months to complete the course and assessment.

During the course, participants are required to complete:

  • Approximately 60-80 hours of reading. A suggested study plan is provided with course materials.
  • Two eLearning courses: Interpreting Financial Statements and The Director Mindset.

During the course, participants have access to:

  • Course notes, supporting videos, regular webinar tutorials, quizzes and live Q&A sessions through the AICD’s online learning platform. The course notes include relevant case studies and activities that allow participants to apply learnings and reinforce knowledge.
  • 5 hours of email assistance from our experienced tutors.
  • Online discussion forums where they can discuss the course content with other participants.

After the course, participants:

  • Will accrue 50 DPD units for completing the course.
  • Can undertake the course assessment (optional); this must be completed within six months of the course start date.

On successful completion of the course assessment, participants:

  • Will qualify for the Company Directors Course Award and earn an additional 10 DPD points.
  • May be eligible to use the GAICD post nominals (AICD members only).
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How will you benefit?

Take control of your future, learn from the experts, be supported on your journey, and evolve with the business landscape. The Company Directors Course has a proven track record and will help you elevate your performance and take the next step in your career.

During the course you will:

  • Take control of your future: With six months to finalise the course and assessment, participants have the flexibility to complete our flagship program in their own time, at their own pace.
  • Learn from the experts: In line with our philosophy of ‘By directors for directors’, all course materials are written and reviewed by practising directors whose insights will help you make better decisions and increase your impact in the boardroom.
  • Take the next step in your career: Strengthen your ability to secure a directorship by completing a course that is widely recognised and respected in the director community.
  • Be supported on your journey: Access online resources, engage with experienced tutors and discuss issues with fellow learners as you complete the course.
  • Evolve with the business landscape: Course materials are updated regularly to ensure they remain current, relevant and reflective of good practice.
  • Join a network of leaders: Established in 1975, the Company Directors Course has a proven track record. With over 40,000 graduates, our alumni include the directors of many of Australia’s most prestigious organisations.
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Assessment and recognition

On successful completion of the course assessment, graduates will qualify for the Company Directors Course award and may be eligible to use the GAICD post nominal (AICD members only).

Find out more about how you will be assessed.

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Advanced standing

The Company Director Course award is also recognised for advanced standing by 18 universities and institutions.

Once you complete your assessment you are eligible for advanced standing in an MBA program.

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The pricing for the Company Directors Course Self-Paced is as follows.

Member: $4,879.00

Non-member: $6,869.00

Why learn with us?

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Contemporary Content

Designed by expert educators with the input of experienced directors and subject matter experts, our courses offer contemporary content that is updated annually. Course materials include recent case studies and real-life examples to ensure relevancy for directors of today and tomorrow.
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Expert Facilitators

Our course facilitators boast extensive real-world director experience and undergo a rigorous selection and development process to ensure they are equipped to create an interactive and engaging learning environment.
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High-Calibre Participants

Connect with and learn from a diverse group of experienced senior executives and directors who are passionate about improving their impact and leadership in the boardroom and the performance of their business.
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Widely Recognised

By undertaking one of our highly regarded programs you are demonstrating your commitment to good governance and can earn the widely recognised post nominals that associate you with Australia's leading organisation for directors.