Boardroom Mastery™

Boardroom Mastery™

In an elite boardroom environment, the difference between being good and being great can be existential.

The best directors leverage their own traits and those of their peers to influence boardroom dynamics and drive performance.

That is Boardroom Mastery™.  

Designed for experienced directors this transformational three-day course combines:

  • An immersive board simulation with other experienced directors.
  • Real-world challenges led by expert facilitators.
  • Personal analysis and debriefs from an organisational psychologist.
  • 360° feedback to challenge your thinking and behaviour in high-pressure conditions.

You will leave the course with a deep understanding of yourself and how you best effect high-stakes outcomes. You will understand how to influence and impress through complexity. You will be enabled to deliver an elite boardroom performance.

Right course for you

Is this course right for you?

This is an elite course for experienced leaders.
As such, to gain entrance to the course interested candidates must be accepted via the application process.

You will have to demonstrate that you have the requisite knowledge and experience, including:

  • completion of the Company Directors Course
  • a minimum of three years’ experience as a director
  • experience on multiple boards


  • a minimum of five years’ experience as a director
  • experience on multiple boards

Applicants will be advised of the results of their application within 5 working days of applying.

Course learnings

What will you learn?

Boardroom Mastery will challenge you to perform under high pressure conditions. Your existing experience will be tested to elicit personal behaviours and social capabilities.


You will join a board with your peers and work as a group to analyse information, share views and decide courses of action to address realistic governance and crisis scenarios.

Expert facilitators will create conditions which challenge you in three areas:

  • Director self – Your ability to manage your thinking and behaviour to ensure effective communication and contribution towards the group’s goals.
  • Board dynamics – Your individual ability to manage the contribution of your peers to produce effective governance decision making.
  • Governance knowledge – Your ability to apply governance theory under conditions of complexity and uncertainty.

By the end of the course, you will have:

  • greater self-awareness by knowing your expertise and its limits, your motives and biases, your behaviours at your best and your worst.
  • improved self-control by managing attention, focus, emotional responses, contributions and group behaviour.
  • increased boardroom awareness to identify power and influence games, structural and perspective biases, decision stages, boardroom dynamics and dysfunctional behaviour patterns.
Course expectations

What can you expect?

Facilitated by experienced governance experts and an organisational psychologist, the focus of Boardroom Mastery is self-mastery, emotional intelligence, influence and personal effectiveness.

Prior to commencement, you will have a coaching session with an independent organisational psychologist. The psychologist will attend the three days of the course and will provide you with further individual feedback.

Then, with a small cohort of fellow experienced directors, you will form a new board for the real-play simulation and case study.

Over three days circumstances will arise requiring your immediate board attention, crucial governance decision making and demonstrably strong leadership.

The pressure factors in the simulation involve ambiguous and provocative events that mirror real-world occurrences.

This applied learning course is the essential next step for experienced directors wanting to take themselves to the next level.

Participants can expect the course to run as below:

6-3 weeks prior to course

Organisational psychologist invites participants to participate in Hogan psychometric surveys and personalised one-on-one debrief

2 weeks prior to course

Participants receive pre-reading case study materials

Advertised dates

Three-day facilitated course including:

  • case study simulation;
  • board evaluations;
  • 360° feedback on both individual behaviours and board effectiveness, and;
  • input from attending organisational psychologist.

1-5 weeks after the course

Participants are invited to a one-on-one post-course debrief with the organisational psychologist


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Our course facilitators boast extensive real-world director experience and undergo a rigorous selection and development process to ensure they are equipped to create an interactive and engaging learning environment.
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