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Western Australia Division Council Election 2020

Voting is now open to fill two (2) vacancies on the WA Division Council.

Three (3) candidates have been nominated to fill two (2) positions on the WA Division Council.


  • Fiona Payne GAICD
  • Geoff Pritchard GAICD
  • Andrew Thompson FAICD

Voting is now open and, in accordance with the Australian Institute of Company Directors By-Laws, will remain open until 5.00pm AEST on Monday, 21 September 2020. The date of the Election is Tuesday, 22 September 2020.

How to Vote

To record your vote, mark the box next to the candidates of your choice with an ‘X’.

A maximum of two (2) boxes can be marked on the ballot paper.

You will receive ‘how to vote’ details from Link Market Services, engaged by the AICD as the Returning Officer for the 2020 Division Council Elections.

Please contact the WA office 08 9320 1700 if you are a member of the AICD and have not yet received details on how to vote.

Meet the WA team

We have a dedicated team of staff to assist with any member queries and requests for information.

Members & Clients – WA

  • Jody Nunn GAICD – State Manager
  • Samantha Ball – Team Coordinator
  • Kristen Chiera MAICD – Account Manager

Our WA Programs team deliver our extensive schedule of courses and events.

  • Erin Timu – Program Manager
  • Lara Williams – Program Executive
  • Rachel Heath – Program Coordinator
  • Hayley Holmes – Program Coordinator 

Our Business Centre and Member Lounge team look after your needs when you visit our Perth CBD location.

  • Lydia Booth – Business Centre Member Lounge Coordinator

Members & Clients – National (based in WA)

Our Membership Experience team are available to speak with you about membership, your ongoing professional development and questions you may have about being or becoming a director.

  • Gerard Deegan GAICD – National Manager – Development
  • Kay Solanki GAICD - National Team Leader – Development
  • Orla Fitzgerald AAICD – Membership Partner – Development
  • Arnold Nyamhamba GAICD - Membership Partner – Development
  • Amy Matson – Team Coordinator

Information Technology – National (based in WA)

  • Aaron Townley – Solutions Architect

Meet the WA Council

The Council assists in providing guidance and strategic input into the direction of the Division.

The Western Australian Division of the Australian Institute of Company Directors has a Western Australian Council to assist in guidance and strategic input into the direction of the Division. The Council also approves all membership applications and subsequent upgrades of membership.

The role of the council

The role of the Council is defined in Article 9.3 of our Constitution. To give effect to that role, the objectives of the Councils are:

A. To provide advice to the Australian Institute of Company Directors Board and CEO on:
i) Policy matters affecting the role of directors
ii) Australian Institute of Company Directors membership matters
iii) The strategy and policies of the Australian Institute of Company Directors itself and management issues that may arise from time to time.

B. To administer the membership of the Division, approving new members and upgrades.

C. To represent the views and aspirations of the Australian Institute of Company Directors in the Division’s territory and to develop relationships with leaders in directorship, regulation and politics who reside or are active in the territory.

D. To support the Division Manager with regard to:
i) Events
ii) Member service, member recruitment and retention and member grade matters
iii) The general conduct of the Division, including Director and Board Development programs

Council members

Current members of the Western Australian Council are:

  • Maree Arnason GAICD
  • Helen Cook GAICD
  • Frank Cooper AO FAICD (President)
  • David Craig FAICD
  • Jane Cutler FAICD
  • Derek La Ferla FAICD
  • Fiona Payne GAICD
  • Paul Sadleir FAICD
  • Gillian Swaby FAICD
  • Andrew Thompson FAICD


Council procedures

A Council consists of at least five and not more than ten members elected by the members of the Division. Each Council elects a President who serves for a period of up to three years at the discretion of the Council. Each Council also appoints one of it’s members, usually the Division President, to the Australian Institute of Company Directors board for a period of up to three years.

One third of Council members retire each year, although a retiring member may be eligible for re-election. The maximum time a Council member may serve is nine years, or three terms if less.

For more information on the role of the Council and it’s directive please view the Australian Institute of Company Directors by-laws

Board Diversity

The West Australian division of AICD is proud to continue the Director Pipeline Program for the eighth successful year. The aim of DPP is to create a pipeline of “board-ready” executive women in the WA business community, and to complement AICD’s national board diversity initiatives.

Applications for the 2019 Director Pipeline Program have now closed. To enquire about applications or any other aspect of the program, contact Orla Fitzgerald at the WA office on 08 9320 1700 or email

Hear from our members on completing the Company Directors Course

Gain a greater understanding of your duties and responsibilities with the essential course for directors.

Western Australia Newsletters

Our quarterly WA newsletter keeps members up to date on the activities of the AICD and the director community in the state.

Benefit from the insights, experiences and expertise of directors from a local perspective, and learn about events and professional development opportunities in your region.

WA Corporate Partner Program

Become part of something bigger.

The WA Corporate Partner Program offers a unique opportunity for your organisation to invest in a rewarding relationship with AICD, enabling your people to connect and collaborate with a community of leaders.

For further information or queries about our WA Corporate Partner Program, please contact Rachel Heath on 08 9320 1700 or


WA corporate partners AICD

PwC Awards for Excellence in the Not-for-Profit Sector

The PwC Director Awards for Excellence in the Not-for-Profit Sector recognises the outstanding contribution of a director in the Not-for-Profit sector in Western Australia.

The award will acknowledge a director who has exhibited leadership on director issues and promoted good governance to achieve a positive impact for society.

This year AICD & PwC are separating nominations into two categories, to present two awards. One for a director in Perth and one for a director in the WA Regions.

Nominations for this category are called to recognise the work and contribution of an outstanding individual.

Download the application form.

Award criteria:

  • A board member, director or chair of at least one Not-for-Profit organisation in Western Australia;
  • Demonstrated contribution to the Western Australian community through their board work in the Not-for-Profit sector;
  • Embodies directorial values of excellence and integrity;
  • Leads by example on corporate governance.
  • Be a current member or willing to become a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).

Regional Award Criteria

  • as above
  • Primary residence needs to be in WA and greater than 100km from Perth CBD

Award inclusions

  • The Award winner to receive a scholarship to attend a Not-for-Profit course scheduled by AICD;
  • Award winner and their represented Not-for-Profit will be the charitable partner of the WA Division of AICD for the following year for a period of 12 months and be invited to represent at key events including the AICD WA Division Annual Dinner;
  • Invited to contribute an article in the Australian Institute of Company Directors WADirector Newsletter;
  • Invited to be feature profiled in the Australian Institute of Company Directors WADirector Newsletter;
  • Engagement with PwC, including an opportunity to utilise PwC’s Innovation Hub, throughout the calendar year.

Past PwC Award for Excellence in Not-for-Profit Sector winners

  • 2013: Andrew Birch GAICD
  • 2014: Harvey Collins FAICD
  • 2015: Gaye McMath FAICD
  • 2016: Steven Cole FAICD
  • 2017: John Barrington FAICD
  • 2018: Erica Smyth AC FAICD
  • 2019: Caroline de Mori GAICD


WA Division Gold Medal Award

The Western Australian Division Gold Medal Award is presented annually to an outstanding director whose achievements go beyond business. It is awarded to one who exemplifies leadership values of excellence and integrity and encourages the highest ethical standards.

This is an annual award and seeks to recognise those in our community who have truly “given back” to the community in their role as a Director.

  • 1994: Harold Clough
  • 1996: Denis Cullity
  • 1997: Ron Cohen
  • 1998: Warwick Kent
  • 1999: Harry Perkins
  • 2000: Ian Mackenzie
  • 2001: Michael Chaney
  • 2002: Kerry Stokes
  • 2003: David Young
  • 2004: Trevor Eastwood
  • 2005: Gordon Martin
  • 2006: Patricia Kailis
  • 2007: Janet Holmes a Court
  • 2008: Rory Argyle
  • 2009: Prof Ian Constable
  • 2010: Tony Howarth AO
  • 2011: George Jones AM CitWA
  • 2012: Sam Walsh AO
  • 2013: Margaret Seares AO
  • 2014: Harvey Collins
  • 2015: Terry Budge
  • 2016: Fiona Harris
  • 2017: Eva Skira
  • 2018: Wayne Osborn
  • 2019: Neil Hamilton

Your place to meet in Perth

Exclusive and complimentary for members, the lounge area is a modern multi-functional space which can be used for informal meetings, private work or simply to unwind. For meetings that require more privacy we also provide a variety of different size rooms that can be hired on an hourly, half day or full day basis

Regional focus

We support regional members and directors through courses, events and our regional committees.

WA Regional Offer

We’re levelling the playing field.

The Australian Institute of Company Directors recognises the importance of supporting our regional directors and businesses. So we are pleased to offer up to eight scholarships for five nights’ accommodation in Perth CBD, including all meals, when you participate in our world renowned Company Directors Course.

For further information and to apply please complete this registration form.

Regional focus

The Australian Institute of Company Directors WA Division's presence continues to grow in regional centres.

The Australian Institute of Company Directors WA Division's presence continues to grow in regional centres with members distributed across the following regions:

  • Albany
  • Geraldton
  • Bunbury

We recognise the importance of supporting regional directors and members with a focus on delivering events and education courses locally and understanding local needs and issues through our Regional Committees.

We invite you to explore the benefits of membership with us and learn more about our focus in your region.

The Australian Institute of Company Directors WA Division is committed to ensuring there is an active support of members in regional WA which includes Goldfields-Esperance, Mid-West, Great Southern and South West regions.

Regional committees

Our regional committees are our connection with regional communities and members. We have committees representing each key region and committee members with a range of business and industry backgrounds.

The role of the committee is to help raise the awareness of the Company Directors brand in the region and also to offer support to its local directors.

South West Regional Committee

  • Iain Massey GAICD (Chair)
  • Nadine Carter GAICD
  • Wendy Duncan GAICD
  • Neema Premji FAICD
  • Michael Archer GAICD

Great Southern Regional Committee

  • Andrew Sharpe MAICD (Chair)
  • Patricia Ryans-Taylor GAICD
  • Asha Bhat MAICD
  • Marcus Hodge MAICD
  • Trevor Hunt MAICD
  • Tim Wither GAICD

Mid-west Regional Committee

  • Robert Jefferies MAICD (Chair)
  • Tom Maina GAICD
  • Philip Melling GAICD
  • Rebecca Davidson GAICD
  • Barbara Thompson MAICD 
  • Kirrilee Warr GAICD