Company Directors Course

The gold standard in director training, our flagship course will immediately elevate your performance and decision-making as a director.

For directors and senior executives who need a thorough understanding of compliance, risk, strategy, finance and the role of the board.

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Foundations of Directorship

Learn the essential skills that directors need in this comprehensive introduction to governance, finance, strategy and risk.

The program is tailored to new and aspiring directors, senior executives and managers.

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Meet our team

Meet the SA team

We have a dedicated team of staff to assist with any member queries and requests for information.

Board and Governance Services

  • Lauren Knight GAICD – Acting State Manager, SA/NT Division
  • John Semba – Board and Governance Partner

Member, Client and Guest Relations team

Our Member, Client and Guest Relations team deliver our extensive schedule of courses and events.

  • Paul van der Koogh MAICD – Member, Client and Guest Relations Partner
  • Linda Millard – Member, Client and Guest Relations Partner
  • Agatha Winslow – Member, Client and Guest Relations Partner
  • Danuelle Scott – Rostering and Scheduling Partner

National Membership Experience team (based in SA)

Our Membership Experience team are available to speak with you about membership, your ongoing professional development and questions you may have about being or becoming a director.

  • Andrew Harris GAICD – Head of Membership Experience
  • David Pfeiffer – Membership Partner, Development
  • Daryl Ottewill – Membership Partner, Development
  • Ian Liddell – Membership Partner, Engagement
  • Helen Rogers – Membership Partner, Engagement

Meet the SA/NT Council and NT Committee

The SA/NT Council and NT Committee assist in providing guidance and strategic input into the direction of the Division.

The SA/NT Council

The SA/NT Division of the Australian Institute of Company Directors has the SA/NT Council and NT Committee to assist in guidance and strategic input into the direction of the Division. The NT Committee Chair is a member of the SA/NT Council. The Council also approves all membership applications and subsequent upgrades of membership.

The Role of the Council

The role and duties of the Council is are set out in clause 2 of the Division Council Charter. Key Division Council governance documents can be found here.

Council Members

With effect from 22 December 2021, your SA/NT Division Councillors are:

  • Susan Neuhaus AM CSC FAICD (Division President)
  • Fraser Bell GAICD
  • Julie Cooper FAICD (Division Director, AICD Board)
  • Sonya Furey GAICD
  • Richard Giles FAICD (Chair - NT Committee)
  • Alison Kimber GAICD
  • Nicolle Rantanen Reynolds FAICD
  • Steve Rossingh GAICD
  • Adrian Skull FAICD

Your NT Committee Members are:

  • Richard Giles FAICD (Chair)
  • Lorraine Corowa GAICD
  • Karen Green GAICD
  • Alastair King OAM FAICD
  • Maria Mohr GAICD
  • Steve Rossingh GAICD
  • Ross Springolo FAICD
  • Chris Tudor AM MAICD

Council Procedures

A Council generally consists of at least five and not more than eleven members, with up to six Councillors elected by the members of the Division. Each Council appoint a President who serves for a period of up to three years at the discretion of the Council. Each Council also nominates one of its members, often the Division President, for appointment to the Australian Institute of Company Directors board for a period of up to three years. If the Councillor is appointed by the board to serve as a Division Director, that Councillor will also continue as a member of the Council (as the Division Director Councillor) while they hold the position of Division Director.

Elected Council members must retire at the end of their three-year term; however, a retiring member may be eligible for re-election. Generally, the maximum time a Council member may serve on the Council without Board approval is nine consecutive years.

For more information on the role of the Council, please view the Division Council governance documents available above.

Your place to meet in South Australia

Exclusive and complimentary for members, the lounge area is a modern multi-functional space which can be used for informal meetings, private work or simply to unwind. For meetings that require more privacy we also provide a variety of different size rooms that can be hired on an hourly, half day or full day basis

Regional focus

We support regional members and directors through courses, events and our regional committees.

Regional focus

We recognise the importance of supporting regional directors and members with a focus on delivering events and education courses locally.

We recognise the importance of supporting regional directors and members, and would like to hear from you about the types of courses and events you would like to see in your region.

We also need your support. If you know of friends or colleagues that are interested in attending our courses and events please let us know. With enough interest, we may be able to visit your region in the near future.

Please contact our office on We look forward to hearing from you.