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Northern Territory Scholarships

The Northern Territory offers a range of scholarships each year to prospective company directors. Keep up to date with the current scholarships being offered here.

Details of all scholarships currently being offered by AICD can be found at AICD Scholarships page.

Meet the NT team

We have a dedicated team of staff to assist with any member queries and requests for information.

Members & Clients - Northern Territory

  • Clinton Jury GAICD – State Manager, SA/NT Division (based in SA)
  • Terri-Ann Maney GAICD – State Manager  Board and Governance Services Northern Territory 
  • Katherine Masters – Team Coordinator

Our NT Programs team deliver our extensive schedule of courses and events.

  • Clalia Mar MAICD – Program Executive
  • Paul van der Koogh MAICD – Program Coordinator

Meet the SA/NT Council and NT Committee

The SA/NT Council and NT Committee assist in providing guidance and strategic input into the direction of the Division.

The South Australian and Northern Territory Divisional (SA/NT) Council of the Australian Institute of Company Directors utilises the Northern Territory Committee to assist in guidance and strategic input into the direction of the Northern Territory. The NT Committee Chairman is also a member of the SA/NT Council.

With effect from 1 October 2020, your SA/NT Division Councillors are:

  • Associate Professor Susan Neuhaus AM FAICD (Division President)
  • Fraser Bell GAICD
  • Sonya Furey GAICD
  • Alison Kimber GAICD
  • Nicolle Rantanen FAICD
  • Kathy Gramp FAICD (Division Director, AICD Board)
  • Richard Giles FAICD (Chair - NT Committee)
  • Adrian Skull FAICD

For expressions of interest in bringing education courses or events to your region, please contact Terri-ann Maney, Members and Directors Manager - NT on m: 0428 243 995 t:08 8236 2800 or e:

Regional focus

We support regional members and directors through courses and events.

The presence of the Australian Institute of Company Directors in the Northern Territory continues to grow in regional communities with members located across the following regions:

  • Alice Springs
  • Katherine
  • Tennant Creek

We recognise the importance of supporting regional directors and members, with a focus on delivering events and education courses locally and understanding local needs and issues.

For expressions of interest in bringing education courses or events to your region, please contact Terri-ann Maney, Business Development Executive on t: 08 8236 2800 or 0428 243 995

NT Newsletters

Our Northern Territory newsletters are available for download.

Call for South Australia and Northern Territory Division Council Nominations 2021

The current term of the following elected Councillors expires on 30 September 2021:

Fraser Bell GAICD
Nicolle Rantanen-Reynolds FAICD

Nominations are now called to fill two vacancies on the SA/NT Division Council.

Being eligible to stand again, the following Councillors offer themselves for re-election:

Fraser Bell GAICD
Nicolle Rantanen-Reynolds FAICD

Who can nominate – Eligible Members?
An Eligible Member is a member of any membership class of the AICD (other than Affiliate member); and who has been a member of one or more such classes for a minimum of three consecutive years prior to the date of this notice (Eligible Member). (By-Law 3.9.1)

An Eligible Member may nominate any other Eligible Member to serve on the Division Council, limited to two nominations per election.

The Board of the AICD is mindful of the importance of all Division Councillors bringing independent judgement to bear on matters considered by the Division Council. Having regard to guidance provided in Recommendation 2.3 of the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (4th ed) with respect to factors relevant to assessing independence, the Board has determined that any person intending to nominate to serve as a member of the Division Council must obtain the approval of the Board if that person:

(a) is, or has been, employed in an executive or managerial capacity by the AICD;
(b) is, or has been, in a material business relationship (eg. as a supplier, professional adviser, consultant or customer) with the AICD or is an officer of, or otherwise associated with, someone with such a relationship; or
(c) has close personal ties with any person who falls within either of the above categories.

Timelines and how to nominate
Enquiries and requests for a Nomination Form can be obtained from Clinton Jury, State Manager SA/NT by calling 08 8236 2809 or email

Nominations must be:

Submitted on the Nomination Form and in accordance with the AICD’s By-Laws.
All nominations must be received at the offices of the Australian Institute of Company Directors as detailed on the Nomination Form by no later than 5pm AEST on Friday 13 August 2021.

The Election will be held on Tuesday, 21 September 2021.

For further information please see our Constitution and By-Laws which govern the AICD’s Division Council Elections.

By Order of the Council.
AICD Division Council Elections 2021