Dr Kathryn Antioch

Dr Kathryn Antioch is based in Melbourne and is the CEO of the Guidelines and Economists Network International (GENI). GENI is a NFP Unincorporated International Association driving international mechanisms to integrate clinical guidelines, clinical and cost-effectiveness evidence into national decision-making and clinical-practice. A key imperative is to forge links with national bodies that set standards, regulation and funding e.g. governments, insurance bodies.

Through improving her skills and knowledge, Kathryn can improve the performance of the organisation from a legal, governance and financial perspective.

Kathryn will be attending the International Company Directors Course in Nadi, Fiji, in June 2019.

Laura Ashton

Laura Ashton is based in Singapore and is the Managing Director of Xunama, an organisation launched to help tech start-ups achieve growth. Xunama joins teams as their virtual marketing department, obsessively focused on growth, innovation, customer experience and ROI.

As Xunama advises start-ups, Laura would like to raise awareness and help bring higher standards of corporate governance to start-ups earlier in their journey, in addition to the Phase 1 focus on growth and marketing.

Laura will be attending the International Company Directors Course in Singapore, in May 2019.

Tieri Tamoa

Tieri Tamoa is based in Kiribati and is the Manager of the Kiribati Companies Office. The Kiribati Companies Office has a superior customer focus, efficiently providing relevant services to support local private sector and the economy as a whole.

Tieri also works with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) via the Private Sector

Development Initiative (PSDI) on reforming the national business registration regime to enhance the local investment climate.

This scholarship would provide a learning opportunity for Tieri that would benefit both his organisation and broader community.

Tieri will be attending the Fiji Directors Course in Suva, in February 2019.

Ropate Pareti

Ropate Pareti is based in Fiji and is the Procurement Officer for the National Fire Authority, looking after 18 Fire Stations and over 500 staff.

This scholarship will benefit the National Fire Authority and how they carry out business with internal and external stakeholders, ensuring that they operate in a transparent manner and demonstrate good governance in all dealings.

Ropate will be attending the Fiji Directors Course in Suva, in February 2019.