NFP directors are consistently spending more time on their NFP board roles. This is one of the key findings of the 2019 study and one that raises questions about how increased time commitment will impact boards, organisations and succession planning in the sector.

The study also shows that boards continue to focus on culture, financial performance and the diversification of income sources and are increasingly focused on improving the board’s oversight of strategy formulation and execution.

NFP director remuneration, the sports sector and the slowdown in mergers across the NFP sector are also explored.

The key areas of focus in 2019:

  • NFP directors' time commitment – is it sustainable?
  • Board composition and director recruitment are ongoing challenges
  • NFP director remuneration – where is it heading?
  • NFPs are effective, but remain financially challenged
  • NFP mergers appear to be slowing – will this continue?
  • Board performance is rated highly, but directors see strategic planning and implementation as areas for improvement
  • Challenges facing sporting organisations have evolved.

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To explore these findings in more detail, the AICD will be running a webinar and a series of national events over the coming months.

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