The Working Group have proposed a minimalist model to reduce charitable fundraising red tape. Under the model, each ACNC-registered charity would be deemed to hold a local fundraising authority in each participating jurisdiction (as is the case currently in South Australia, the ACT and NT and now Victoria). This would overcome the need for ACNC registered fundraisers to complete an individual application process in each jurisdiction and would facilitate the conduct of online appeals across Australia.

The AICD’s submission supported a model that provides for a simple single national point of registration, notification, regulation, audit and reporting for charitable fundraisers – noting that the discussion paper only recommended a national system of registration and was silent on aligning notification, audit and reporting (albeit expressing a preference for national arrangements under the ACNC). These changes should also be made. In the AICD’s opinion this is a useful but minimal first step in cutting red tape to allow charities to fundraise more easily at this time of economic distress.

You can find a copy of the AICD’s submission here.