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Over the past five years the Governance Leadership Centre (GLC) has been a hub for forward-looking insights and research on governance driving performance.

From June, the focus on ‘over the horizon’ governance insights will continue through Company Director Magazine and other AICD member platforms.

The AICD is also boosting updates, analysis and tools via our COVID-19 Resource Hub and expanded webinar program, in member tools and the AICD’s advocacy and research.

In this final edition we are proud to showcase examples of our most popular features and research on the GLC’s core focus: the relationship between governance and performance.

We profile four research projects with insights for directors and governance practitioners, including the recent Ethics in the Boardroom guide developed with the Ethics Centre, and Professor Alex Frino’s review of the relationship between director independence and performance.

GLC content will continue to be available on the AICD’s website so that members can continue to access the thought-leadership and debates it has covered. Members can access GLC subscriber editions on topics including Ethics in the Boardroom, Governing for Stakeholders, Indigenous Governance, Trust, Reporting to the Board and Innovation.

In this article we link to some popular and diverse GLC articles, as an ‘easy reference’ for members.

How boards are adjusting to the COVID-19 crisis from the GLC’s April 2020 edition - also available on the COVID-hub

We hope you have enjoyed engaging with the Governance Leadership Centre’s work over the past five years and thank you for your interest and support.