We create and curate insightful content about governance issues in Australia, and draw on insights from around the world. Our content includes original research, interviews, opinions, thought leadership pieces and commentaries.

We champion new thinking and approaches to governance innovation that:

  • Drive organisational performance in a rapidly-changing environment; and
  • Contribute to economic growth and social benefit.

The GLC is the go-to place for “over-the-horizon” thinking on governance. It is the Australian resource centre for world class governance.

Governance research key areas:

  • Governance driving organisational performance
  • Current and future governance practices from within Australia and around the world
  • External environmental impacts on board practices

The GLC works with a range of stakeholders, including directors, business groups, investors, academia and government agencies to find innovative ways for improving governance performance and outcomes.

Contributing articles to the Governance Leadership Centre

All articles published by the GLC must meet its criteria for inclusion.

For more information about the criteria or if you have an article that you would like to submit for consideration, please contact GLC Deputy Executive Director, Louise Pocock.


The GLC offers places for undergraduate or postgraduate students in their final year of study, or recent graduates, to work on GLC programs. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact GLC Deputy Executive Director, Louise Pocock.

Governance Leadership Centre Advisory Panel

The GLC Advisory Panel comprises distinguished directors and executives, academics, politicians, journalists, representatives of leading firms, and governance specialists from Australia and around the world.

The Panel assists the GLC in generating ideas about the future of governance and providing advice and assistance in relation to the it’s research programme and content development.

The current Panel Members are:

  • Mr Peter Achterstraat AM FAICD
  • Ms Yasmin Allen FAICD
  • Mr Phillip Armstrong
  • Professor David Beatty
  • Ms Pru Bennett MAICD
  • Mr Graham Bradley AM FAICD
  • Mr Steven Cole FAICD
  • Mr Michael Coleman FAICD
  • Mr David Crawford AO FAICD
  • Mr Kenneth Daly
  • Dr Eileen Doyle FAICD
  • Professor Alex Frino MAICD
  • Mr David Gonski AC FAICDLife
  • Mr John Green FAICD
  • The Hon Nick Greiner AC FAICDLife
  • Ms Catherine Harris AO PSM FAICD
  • Ms Belinda Hutchinson AM FAICD
  • Professor Andrew Kakabadse
  • Dr Simon Longstaff AO
  • Mr Charles Macek FAICD
  • Mr Jeremy Maycock FAICD
  • Mr Kevin McCann AM FAICD
  • Ms Nancy Milne OAM FAICD
  • Mr Terry Moran AC
  • Mr Paul Murnane FAICD
  • Ms Anne O’Donnell FAICD
  • Ms Elizabeth Proust AO FAICD
  • Professor Ian Ramsay