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Employment jumps as wage growth hits record low

October delivered a surprisingly strong labour market result with employment growing by more than 178,000, although a rise in the participation rate also meant the unemployment rate edged up to seven ...

Confidence continues to climb

The monthly Westpac-Melbourne Institute Index of Consumer Sentiment rose to a seven-year high in November, while the weekly ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence Index recorded a tenth consecutive increa...

RBA cuts cash rate and promises $100b of QE

Inevitably, this week has been dominated by the closely contested US presidential election. But it has also been a busy week for Australian economic data. Top of the list was another historic day for ...

Consumer prices start to rise again

Ahead of a big news week next time, with a cut in the cash rate expected from the Reserve Bank, this week was pretty quiet on the data front.

Latest DSI results, and maybe a November RBA rate cut?

The AICD’s H2 Director Sentiment Index shows a marked improvement in sentiment relative to the first half of this year. Even so, the index is still deep in negative territory.

A post-budget consumer confidence bounce, new RBA thinking and a marginally less gloomy IMF

The unemployment rate edged up to 6.9 per cent in August. A new speech from the RBA governor appeared to herald further monetary loosening next month, introduced changes to the RBA’s approach to forw...

Budget 2020-21: What directors need to know

In what is being called the most significant budget since World War II, the AICD summarises the key economic and policy initiatives that directors need to be across.

Making Fiscal History: Budget 2020-21 Preview

Back on the 20th of March, with the economy reeling under the initial impact of COVID-19, the government announced it would ‘defer the 2020-21 Budget until 6 October 2020.’

RBA monetary easing ahead, plus new fiscal framework

A speech on monetary policy and the Australian economy by RBA Deputy Governor Guy Debelle has prompted some central bank watchers to predict rate cuts and the introduction of quantitative easing befor...

Jobless rate drops to 6.8 per cent in August surprise

August’s labour market report was surprisingly strong, delivering a marked decline in the unemployment rate, a small rise in the participation rate and an increase of 111,000 in employment. ...
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