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Board diversity

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Chairs Mentoring Program

Chairs and directors supporting highly talented and qualified women transition to the boardroom.

The Chairs Mentoring Program is the AICD’s flagship board diversity initiative designed to enable highly-experienced and qualified emerging female directors (Mentees) to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to support their journey to the boardroom.

The Program introduces Mentees to chairs and experienced past and current ASX200 directors (‘Mentors’).

The Program aims to assist Mentees to:

  • gain knowledge and skills that will assist them in the transition process from executive to non-executive director, enabling them to contribute as peers in the boardroom;
  • gain insights into their unique value proposition for boards;
  • increase their practical knowledge of governance issues in listed companies and how listed company boards operate;
  • gain valuable insight, advice and guidance on the process of selecting and appointing new directors;
  • foster connections with influential business leaders; and
  • develop and grow as directors and people, understanding the program is one element in their director journeys.

The Program is also designed to enhance the connections of chairs and experienced directors of ASX200 listed companies with a pool of experienced and skilled women who may be suitable for director roles.

In the long-term, it is hoped that the Program will assist Mentees (through the provision of advice, guidance and support of Mentors) to contribute effectively as directors and achieve their professional goals.

Although it is hoped the Program will assist the Mentees achieve board appointments, this is neither the role of, nor within the control of, either the Mentor or the AICD.

Applications for the 2019-2020 Chair’s Mentoring Program are now closed.

You can learn more here or express your interest in future by contacting us here.

Useful links

Links to organisations that provide services relevant to diversity and women

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Organisations focused on Board Diversity

Membership-Based Organisations

Government Organisations

Registers for Board and Committee Opportunities

These registers enable women to record their interest in being considered for an appointment to boards, committees and other decision-making bodies.

Membership-Based Organisations

State / Territory Government Registers for Board and Committee Opportunities

Each state/territory government maintains a register of people who are interested in serving on government boards and committees.

Gender Diversity Progress Report

A collection of the latest statistics, interviews, opinion pieces and case studies from
individuals and companies that are on the path to increasing the gender diversity of their
boardrooms and executive pipelines.