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How can we help your board?

The Board Advisory service provides trusted board advice and benchmarking, focusing on best practice governance and board effectiveness.
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We provide leading-edge advice on the key issues in governance that your board is facing.
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We partner with your organisation to implement best-practice governance.
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We use state of the art diagnostic tools to help evaluate your needs with a focus on enhancing board performance.
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We benchmark your organisation against others in your market to help enhance your performance.

What do we advise and consult on?

Our Board Advisory practice works with your board from consultation through to implementation. We conduct a review using a series of diagnostic tools to help identify areas of need and improvement potential.

Board Evaluation

A long term trusted advisory relationship

Throughout our three-phased approach, we offer services and advice to help facilitate your governing team’s development towards best-practice governance:

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We work with you to identify underlying root causes, engage stakeholders in development planning and offer practical solutions for improvement through to implementation.

Board Advisory

AICD’s advisory service focuses specifically on governance. We are independent. We do not provide legal or accounting advice or extend into areas within the arena of management consulting. Our interest is resolutely focused on providing the best quality governance advice to our clients, uncompromised by conflicted interests in other advisory service areas. We work with boards and executive teams to ensure that governance is aligned with the strategic objectives of the business and structured in a way that drives performance outcomes.

Governance Analysis Tool

Our proprietary Governance Analysis Tool (GAT) is designed to focus the board’s attention on the full system of governance.

Based on Company Directors’ Corporate Governance Framework™, the GAT considers governance from the perspective of individual directors, the functions of the board, the execution of governance in the business and the relationships held with the organisation’s stakeholders. Board members are asked to assess their organisation’s governance against a series of review statements that go to the heart of the area to be examined. Statements are assessed on a maturity rating scale and are supported by Guidance notes describing the area under review, how it is applied and what directors should be observing as leading practice, offering an education element to the review process where this may be of benefit. Our most popular diagnostic, the GAT is our primary tool for benchmarking governance against both standards of practice and to market.

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Click here for a demo of the Governance Analysis Tool.

Board Review

There has been considerable focus in recent years on the effectiveness of boards.

This has been influenced by various factors including:

  • a growing sophistication in the practice of directorship
  • good governance pronouncements (eg the ASX Corporate Governance Council recommendations and guidance)
  • an increase in external stakeholder expectations.

Boards need to be confident that, at any point in time, they have an appropriate and defensible set of arrangements in place. Our Board Review focuses on the key drivers of board effectiveness and is comprised of a set of statements similar in nature to a traditional board review. AICD has selected approximately 60 review statements that it considers are important in terms of a board’s effectiveness. The areas this tool covers include effective use of board meetings; the board and the CEO; board culture and dynamics, board meetings, information provided to the board; board/management relations; and the effectiveness of board committees.

Click here for a demo of the Board Review.

Skills and Capabilities

The degree to which a board is high-performing and effective can impact materially on organisational performance.

Having the right composition of skills, experience and attributes on the board relative to the organisation and its operating context is perhaps one of the most significant factors in driving superior performance. Our Skills and Capabilities diagnostic tool focuses the board’s attention on the composition of the board and the extent to which it is optimised to add value. The tool aids the board in assessing which of the necessary capabilities it has identified for itself are most important, and where gaps currently exist or are likely to arise. Such capabilities might include, for example, relevant functional knowledge, breadth of expertise and perspectives, an appreciation of impacting technologies and/or previous experience driving financial performance. The tool also explores the extent to which board members exhibit desired behavioural traits such as being open-minded and active listeners.

Peer-to-Peer Review

It is common practice for boards to conduct director performance reviews as part its regular program of board governance review.

While the Chair is often described as being the “first among equals”, all board members have equal standing and as such, director performance reviews usually take the form of peer-to-peer assessments. Our peer-to-peer review allows boards to adopt a structured approach to director reviews. Our peer-to-peer tool enables directors to assess both themselves and other board members on a core set of attributes that AICD considers indicate the extent to which directors are contributing to board effectiveness.

Click here for a demo of the Peer to Peer review.

Board Evaluation

The AICD offers a pragmatic approach to conducting end-to-end independent governance evaluations.

We work with the Board to diagnose issues, understand root causes, engage key stakeholders in solution options, offer practical models and methods for improvement and partner throughout implementation. Specifically our process involves:

  1. Investigate: Review of governance arrangements and performance to leading practice
  2. Diagnose: Assessment of governance to standards of best practice and to market
  3. Engage: Quantitative and qualitative input to enable insight into underlying performance factors
  4. Blueprint: Critical analysis, prioritisation of issues and recommendations, production of draft report and facilitated Board discussion
  5. Implement: Finalisation of report and recommendations and execution of implementation plan

Not-for-profit diagnostic tool

Benchmark the performance of your board against the AICD’s Not-for-Profit Governance Principles, the guiding principles of good governance for NFP organisations.

The not-for-profit diagnostic tool allows your board to determine how well aligned it is to the AICD’s Not-for-Profit Governance Principles.

The tool is designed to support NFPs on their governance journey by helping to identify both strengths and areas for development as well as resources available to help improve performance.

Assessing your governance arrangements using this resource helps provides you with assurance that your board is considering each Principle in full and at the level of detail required to identify areas for the board’s attention and action. It offers your organisation’s members, customers, funders, employees and other stakeholders the confidence that the board has a demonstrated commitment to benchmarking and achieving best-practice governance.

Above all, it gives your board the information it needs to focus on specific areas that will have the most impact on performance and outcomes over time.

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