We are dedicated to making a difference to the quality of directorship and seek to promote excellence in governance. As such, we are committed to ensuring that we lead by example in how our organisation is governed.

The AICD will be holding our AGM on Thursday, 12 December 2019. The meeting will commence at 5pm in the Waratah Room at Level 2, 18 Jamison Street, Sydney.

This year, AICD’s Annual General Meeting will be live streamed for members to watch online. Members must register to access the live stream and those who register will be able to submit questions via the stream. Register for the live stream here.

You will receive an email two days prior to the meeting containing the link together with instructions on how to submit a question during the meeting if you wish to do so.

Every year, we run several hundred programs and courses that convey to participants the theory of Corporate Governance and how to apply it in practice. The theme of effective governance – whether it is the systems, processes or relationships that define the practice – also underpins the information resources we provide and many of the events that we conduct around the country.

Our board

The governing body of our organisation, the Board, provides oversight within the framework of relevant legislation (including the Corporations Act), Constitution and the Board Charter.

The responsibilities of the Board include setting and reviewing our strategic direction, monitoring organisational performance, the appointment of the CEO and deciding on key policy positions to take on behalf of directors.

The Board consists of up to 12 directors. There are 4 National Directors, one of whom is the chair, and 7 Division directors. The procedure for the appointment of directors can be found in our Constitution.

Our divisions

We are a federation of 7 State and Territory Divisions. Each Division maintains a local office and is advised and supported by a Division Council.

The role and responsibility of Division Councils, as documented in the Division Council Charter, includes:

  • to advise the Board and CEO on policy and membership matters;
  • to administer membership (including the approval of new members and upgrades); to represent us in the Division's territory and;
  • to support the operations of the office (events, member service and education programs).

Further details regarding the framework, composition, responsibility and operation of Division Councils are contained in our By-Laws, which are in addition to, and supplement the provisions contained in, the Constitution (Article 9).

Contact your local office.

Code of conduct

All our members are expected to comply with our Code of Conduct.

Diversity policy

Our organisation respects and values the competitive advantage of diversity, and the benefit of its integration throughout the organisation, in order to enrich our perspective, improve performance, increase member value, and enhance the probability of achievement of our goals and objectives.”

Key corporate governance documents

Board committees

Governance policies

Division councils members

Policy committees

Codes and charters