Banking and Financial Services Royal Commission: Resources for directors

We’re all in this together, so higher standards are needed

1 August 2018 | Angus Armour FAICD The standard disclaimer that ‘past performance does not predict future results’ applies as much to Australia’s superannuation system as it does individual assets. And with $2.6 trillion in assets in the system, we need the highest standards in place to safeguard the interests of Australians who rely on those results.

Protecting the vulnerable through governance

The community has been confronted recently by examples of harm to vulnerable people arising from the conduct of some of Australia’s largest institutions. These stories have exposed cultural failings, ...

Superannuation governance is under scrutiny

Governance in the superannuation sector is under scrutiny following Productivity Commission and recent banking Royal Commission revelations.

What can Australia learn from global board models?

The banking Royal Commission has prompted increased scrutiny of Australian board governance models. AICD explores global jurisdictions and where we can take inspiration.

Royal Commission: superannuation hearings - closing submissions released

On 24 August 2018, Counsel Assisting released closing submissions in relation to the Round 5 Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services hearings on superann...

Honouring the breach

With ASIC’s ongoing breach reporting surveillance project into banks revealing that on average it takes four years for breaches to be identified for investigation, it is abundantly clear that breach r...

Royal Commission – what policy options might be on the table

After months of hearings at the Financial Services Royal Commission, we are beginning to gain a clearer picture of what policy options might flow from the inquiry.

The banking Royal Commission puts farm finance failures in the spotlight

We look at the latest banking Royal Commission hearings for Australians in remote and regional communities and Indigenous people.

Who protects vulnerable people?

Directors need to be aware of their duty of care in the governance of institutions that care for vulnerable people.

Directors, do you trust these Australian brands?

Australians are adamant about the brands they trust and distrust, so directors need to pay more attention to their moral compass.

What constitutes good governance?

ASX Corporate Governance Council chair Elizabeth Johnstone gives her view on draft fourth edition of the Corporate Governance Principals and Recommendations.
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