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Agenda - 30% gender diversity target slipping out of reach

The AICD’s Gender diversity progress report for the period March – May 2017 the percentage of women being appointed to ASX200 boards has fallen in the first six months of the year.

3 hedge fund manager tips for boards dealing with shareholder activism

With hedge fund Elliott Partners' recent targeting of BHP Billiton heralding the potential for more shareholder activism in Australia, The Boardroom Report spoke to author and hedge fund manager Jeff ...

Federal Court affirms Brickworks and Soul Pattinson directors had companies’ best interests in mind

A Federal Court decision in the long-running Perpetual-Brickworks/Soul Pattinson litigation appears to underline existing principles relating to directorship and governance.

Bain & Company’s 5 forces shaping the firm of the future

At an AICD Directors’ Breakfast in Sydney last week, Bain & Company partner James Root outlined the five forces shaping the firm of the future as the era of shareholder primacy starts to break down.

30% by 2018: gender diversity target slipping out of reach

Statistics from the AICD’s most recent gender diversity report indicate that the campaign to increase female representation on ASX 200 boards is far from over.

Insurance for SMEs and NFPs

A guide for SMEs and NFPs purchasing insurance

What claims can be made against you?

Learn what to do if someone makes a claim against you.

Deeds of indemnity

Do you understand your deed of indemnity? Reduce your personal liability risk with a deed of indemnity.

D&O insurance checklist

Directors should review and consider their D&O insurance carefully from the outset. We have a 10 questions checklist to assist directors to undertake this review in relation to his/her D&O insurance c...

Why do you need directors and officers insurance?

Understand your personal liability and how you can protect yourself with D&O insurance.
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