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7 ways to improve the AGM

The annual general meeting has come under fire for not staying relevant in the contemporary corporate governance environment. Steven Cole FAICD suggests ways we could improve the AGM.

Inside the Boardroom with Marina Go

Marina Go MAICD is a successful author and media executive, who over the last decade has made the transition to the boardroom. She is currently Chair of rugby league club Wests Tigers and is on the bo...

Women on ASX 200 Boards on the Rise

Australia’s largest companies are leading the charge towards gender diversity with women now making up 30% of ASX 20 board positions.

Being appointed to an ASX 200 board

A new AICD report analyses all ASX 200 board appointments over a two year period to find out what type of director is being called up to Australia’s biggest boards.

Steven Cole FAICD: Building a legacy for WA communities

Earlier this month, longstanding member Steven Cole FAICD was awarded the PwC Award for Excellence in the Not-for-Profit Sector for his leadership on director issues and his commitment to excellence i...

Megatrends, Cybersecurity, Innovation and Failure

Leading ASX directors, including Kevin McCann AM FAICD, Wendy Stops GAICD and Roger Corbett AO FAICD, shared practical insights on their toughest challenges at the recent AICD ASX Sector Forum

What is corporate governance?

Corporate governance is a broad-ranging term which, amongst other things, encompasses the rules, relationships, policies, systems and processes whereby authority within organisations is exercised and ...

ASX overhauls admission rules

From December this year, the ASX will introduce new admission requirements, including a minimum 20 per cent free float and disclosure of two years of audited accounts, that will bring the country’s ma...

7 cybersecurity essentials from Malcolm Turnbull’s infosec guru

Alastair MacGibbon, Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Cyber Security, spoke to the AICD about how far business has come, where it needs to go and why cybersecurity is so much more than a negati...

Inside the Boardroom with George Savvides

George Savvides FAICD, the Chairman of World Vision Australia, has also had a long and successful career in the corporate sector, having been CEO of Medibank Private for 14 years and Sigma Pharmaceuti...
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