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General Duties of Directors

Directors govern a company on behalf of the shareholders of that company. The Corporations Act 2001 states in s 198A (1) that ‘The business of a company is to be managed by or under the directio...

Mixed News in Latest Report on Progress to 30% Target

The September-November 2017 Quarterly Diversity Report shows that female representation across ASX 200 Boards has hit 26%.

Minutes of Directors' Meetings

Minutes are an official record of the proceedings and resolutions of general meetings and directors’ meetings, as well as resolutions passed outside of meetings.

On Board Forums: taking the next step

The AICD’s On Board Forums provide an opportunity for emerging female directors to build their networks and learn from Australia’s most distinguished directors. Ahead of events to be held ...

What is directors and officers insurance?

A comprehensive guide to directors and officers insurance

Progress towards achieving 30% female representation across ASX 200 Boards has stalled

Statistics from the latest AICD Gender diversity progress report show a worrying slowdown in progress towards the AICD's 30% target for women on ASX 200 boards.

AMP Capital lists sugar and obesity as a long-term ESG investment trend for 2017

AMP Capital predicts the ESG focus on sugar and obesity will increase a notch during 2017, potentially impacting earnings.

Chair's Mentoring Program for 2017/18 launches

Fifty-six emerging female directors have been paired with some of Australia's most influential business leaders for this year's Chair's Mentoring Program.

Searching for PNG's directors of the future

The AICD's Advisory team is working with ASX 200 company Oil Search to train the next generation of PNG directors.

Taking care of governance

Australia's largest not-for-profit health fund HCF continues to strive for best practice in governance and serving its members, explains its board of directors.
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