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AICD Advocacy

The AICD is advocating to government and regulators on behalf of members. Explore the work we’re doing to support your business and review our current regulatory priorities here.

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Support for NFPs

From crisis response to business continuity and recovery, we are committed to providing guidance and tools to help NFPs and charities navigate the coronavirus pandemic.

NFP Resources

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Support for SMEs

SMEs are facing unprecedented uncertainty and we will continue to produce information, tools and resources to help SME businesses navigate and recover from this crisis.

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Support for Listed Boards

Stay up to date on the measures and announcements relevant to listed companies and what they mean for your board, with regular updates and information from our Policy team.

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Financial Survival and Recovery

Boards have a responsibility to ensure their organisation remains on a financially sustainable path and oversee the path to recovery. Here we provide support.

Recovery Support

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Workforce Issues for Boards

Boards and organisations are grappling with difficult employee and workforce issues arising from the coronavirus pandemic. Here we provide guidance.

Workforce Support

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Economic Implications and Outlook

Our Chief Economist will keep you up to speed on the economic toll of the coronavirus and the implications for your business and the economy more broadly.

Economic Updates 

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Study Online

From webinars to online courses, we have a range of convenient and flexible online offerings to help you to stay up to date and upskill while the world around you stands still.

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5 tips for leaders to navigate culture during recovery

As we prepare for a return to the office, workplace culture should be on the agenda for leaders to navigate as part of the COVID-19 crisis recovery. But what may have changed along the way, how can th...

Emergency continuous disclosure relief - what directors need to know

The Government has announced temporary amendments to the Corporations Act to provide that companies and officers will only be liable for continuous disclosure breaches if there has been knowledge, re...

Do you have a digital plan for recovery?

If there is one trend to emerge from the chaos of COVID-19, it has been to channel a captive worldwide audience into the online delivery of services, information and products. As a result of this onli...

Is your audit committee asking these questions?

As audit committees navigate the practical challenges of accounting, reporting and disclosing the impacts of COVID-19 and new Accounting Standards for 30 June 2020, the following series of questions a...

Gender diversity on ASX 200 boards holds steady

The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) has today revealed that the ASX 200 has maintained 30.7 per cent women on boards, as at the end of April.

COVID-19: Board oversight of scenario planning

The COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis is tasking boards with stabilising their organisation and pivoting towards a viable ‘new normal’. The challenge is that they need to do so in a complex enviro...

COVID-19: Government eases continuous disclosure rules for six months

The Federal Government is easing continuous disclosure rules for six months to help listed entities deal with the uncertainty cause by COVID-19.

What directors need to know about their financial reporting obligations during COVID-19

Directors are looking for guidance on their reporting obligations during the COVID pandemic and a recent AICD webinar brought together experts to discuss the key questions directors are asking. From s...

How Australia’s boards can lead the return to work process

With Australia’s COVID-19 lockdowns easing, the disease appearing to be better controlled, and hopes high that we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, businesses across Australia are turning ...

AICD applauds Treasurer’s move to ease continuous disclosure rules

The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) applauds Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s move to ease continuous disclosure rules, due to the uncertain environment caused by COVID-19.
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