Author: Jennifer Robertson

Print ISBN: 9781876604516
epub ISBN: 9781876604523

In The Role of the Company Secretary, Jennifer Robertson FAICD examines how today’s company secretary plays a pivotal role in applying good governance principles to their organisation. She delivers a compelling resource for those wanting to understand how to excel in the role, and thoughtfully examines how company secretaries can:

  • directly and indirectly influence quality decision making;
  • impact board succession and organisational culture;
  • manage with integrity the mixed dynamics of board and executive roles.

A key feature of the book is the use of verbatim insights from practicing company secretaries who ventured into unfamiliar governance scenarios - outlining how they fared, prospered or otherwise, and what they learned.

About the author

Jennifer Robertson FAICD believes that excellence in corporate governance, like excellence in sporting teams, ought to be focused on performance—both internal and external. It is vital that the governance team of the board and management work as an exemplary line-up operating with a clearly understood game plan, rather than one or two star players with some benchwarmers.

After more than 10 years in private legal practice, and during her pivotal business studies at QUT, Jennifer decided to make a change and step into the world of corporate governance consulting with Board Matters in Brisbane.

As a portfolio career enthusiast, Jennifer is a practising lawyer, governance consultant and company director. She consults with many corporate clients and facilitates the Company Director Course for the Australian Institute of Company Directors.