Author: Robert Tricker

Print ISBN: 9780198809869

Dr R (Bob) Tricker is considered a world expert on corporate governance and well known for his Tricker Model, a framework for good governance that is both simple and easy to grasp, and a powerful tool for individual directors and whole boards.

Now in its fourth edition, Corporate Governance: Principles, Policies and Practices is essential reading for non-executive directors, and especially for those who seek to have an international career.

As the work is essentially a text book, learning and self-assessment opportunities have been integrated throughout.

New to this edition:

  • References to the UK Corporate Governance Code (2018) and the World Economic Forum risk survey (2018)
  • New coverage of NFP entities
  • Examination of non-Western models such as the Keiretsu (Japan) and Chaebol (South Korea) governance models
  • Increased coverage of evolving governance landscapes such as board diversity, corporate transparency, sustainability, ethics , cyber risk and digitization

Table of Contents

  1. Principles
    • Corporate Governance: A subject whose time has come
    • Governance and management
    • Theories and Philosophies of Corporate Governance
    • The Governance Partnership: Investors, companies, and directors
    • The Regulatory Framework
    • Models of Corporate Governance
  2. Policies
    • Functions of the Board
    • The Governance of Corporate Risk
    • The Board and Business Ethics
    • The Governance of Listed Companies
    • The Governance of Non-Listed Companies
    • Corporate Governance around the World
  3. Practices
    • Board Membership: Directors' appointment, roles, and remuneration
    • Board Leadership: The reality of the boardroom
    • Board Activities: Corporate governance in practice
    • Board Effectiveness: Building better boards
    • Board Evaluation: Reviewing directors and boards
    • Corporate Governance: The next thirty years
  4. Appendices
    • Corporate Governance Codes around the World