The governance attributes of an organisation are shaped by a variety of factors, both "internal" (e.g. constitution, organisational policies) and "external" (e.g. laws, regulations, community expectations). A board of directors plays a pivotal role in influencing an organisation's governance environment.

A common goal for many organisations is to have the most effective governance framework in place that best meets their individual circumstances and needs – helping to drive enhanced organisational performance while at the same time aiding conformance with various requirements (e.g. the company's constitution, policies, controls and procedures as well as with applicable external regulations and laws).

An effective governance framework would have appropriate regard to the:

  • contribution of individual directors;
  • effectiveness of the board and board performance;
  • way in which governance is applied throughout the organisation;
  • strength of the relationships the organisation fosters with its stakeholders.

Similarly, an effective board evaluation or board review would typically seek to incorporate reflection on an organisation's governance from each of these different perspectives.

Our top governance resources

We are committed to supporting directors, boards and organisations in achieving standards of excellence in governance. The following provides a selection of useful resources to help board and organisations achieve these aims.  - check out some of our resources available below and to the right.


Governance Leadership Centre 

An Australian resource centre for world class governance thinking, practice and performance, with leading content from Australian and international experts and new research on key governance issues and topics.


Guiding principles of good governance 

These Guiding Principles are intended to provide companies of all sizes and types with starting point or guide for the development or review of their own corporate governance arrangements, taking into account their particular circumstances.

 The ‘Company Directors Corporate Governance Framework™’  A framework that sums up the practices (skills, attributes and expertise) that comprise good director practice as demonstrated by responsible directors.


Duties and Responsibilities of Directors and Officers 21st Edition

 For the last 30 years, this book has been a must-read for directors, corporate lawyers, academics and those focused on governance in Australia, and its context internationally.


Towards better regulation

This whitepaper examines Australia’s current regulatory framework and sets out three critical components of regulatory reform. See also Governing for a more prosperous Australia: key issues for directors in the 2013 election which focuses on key issues of more direct interest to the director community especially in the areas of business regulation and director liability.


Governance Analysis Tool™

Focus the board’s attention on the governance system as a whole, with our ‘guided’ self-assessment tool for boards, designed to facilitate collective self-reflection by a board of its governance against good-practice governance.


Good Governance Principles and Guidance for NFPs

Designed to assist NFP boards in determining what constitutes good governance practice for their organisations and to achieve better outcomes through good governance.


Curbing excessive short termism

A guide for boards of public companies, this paper offers several potential solutions for Australian boards wishing to shift planning and strategy on to a longer term footing.


Director’s Signpost

Director's Signpost, aimed at emerging company and non-executive directors, covers the spectrum of directorship and includes insights from twelve directors – both new and experienced – across several topics ranging from taking part in board discussions and finding new board positions to financial literacy for directors.