Corporate culture, cybercrime, liability, reporting, whistleblowing. Words like these are bandied around a lot in the boardroom, but do you know what you should be paying attention to in the coming years? Facilitator Graham Bradley highlighted these five issues as the top items that directors need to be mindful of in 2018 and beyond.

1. Corporate culture, reputation and social licence to operate: how well are boards monitoring/directing culture?

2. Cybersecurity: how well-prepared are our companies?

3. Digital economy/ disruption and social licence: how should boards balance competing interests?

4. Public policy uncertainty/ populism: how can directors have an effective voice?

5. Director licencing: will the Banking Executive Accountability Regime take wings?

In 2017 the Essential Director Update travelled to more locations across Australia than ever before, with record crowds in attendance at the Sydney event, and the hashtag trending on Twitter on several occasions.

For those of you who missed out on attending, or who would like to go over the learnings once more, an Essential Director Update webinar is being held on Thursday, 23 November.