1. In Technology We Trust?

Executives at the helm of the world’s tech giants discuss their pursuit of public trust. Speakers will delve into the risks and opportunities around technological advances in automation and information services. The panel includes Alphabet (Google’s parent company) CFO Ruth Porat, Uber Technologies Inc CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, Salesforce.com Inc Chairman and CEO Marc R. Benioff and University of Oxford Academic Rachel Botsman MAICD.

‘In technology we trust’ will stream at 9:00am GMT (7:00pm AEST) 23 January.

2. Towards Better Capitalism

Battling short-termism poses challenges for all involved in value creation. A diverse panel with backgrounds from investment funds, corporates, professional services firms and academia join to examine the governance around managing the market forces which lead to short-termism. The panel features world renowned Columbia University academic Joseph E. Stiglitz, Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo Inc Indra Nooyi, Executive Director of the Washington State Investment Board Theresa Whitmarsh and Global Chairman and CEO of EY Mark Weinberger.

‘Towards Better Capitalism’ streams at 4:00pm GMT 23 January (2:00am AEST 24 January).

3. Agile Governance in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Forum contends rapid technological change is dismantling traditional institutions and governance mechanisms. This panel sees those at the forefront of these paradigm-shifting technologies like Executive Chairman Hitachi Ltd Hiroaki Nakanishi engage with experts from MIT School of Management and the European Commission’s Research Commissioner on the future of equipping leaders with the right governance tools. The panel, also featuring Executive Director Human Rights Watch Kenneth Roth, will discuss the need to balance rapid advancement with inclusivity and trust.

‘Agile Governance in the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ streams at 5:00pm GMT 26 January (3:00am AEST 27 January).

4. What Is Happening to IPOs?

Corporate venture capital and initial coin offerings are looking more and more attractive to late stage startups when considering how to fund growth and expansion. This move away from public market capital could produce challenges like diminishing public scrutiny and the accessibility of private markets, or opportunities for new models of transparency and reporting. The panel will consider whether this new business climate can boost long-term thinking, featuring Group CEO AirAsia Bhd Anthony F. Fernandes, The Economist Editor-in-Chief Zanny Minton Beddoes and NYSE Group Inc President Thomas Farley.

‘What is happening to IPOs’ streams at 3:30pm GMT 25 January (1:30am 26 January).

5. Putting an End to Modern Slavery

It’s the world’s fastest growing global crime, with an estimated 40.3 million victims worldwide. Experts from the International Organisation for Migration and Carnegie Mellon University alongside non-government organisation leaders in the field like founder of the Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation, and head of multi-national Marriot International Inc Arne Sorenson ask and answer: What will it take to abolish modern slavery once and for all?

‘Putting an End to Modern Slavery’ streams at 10:15am GMT (8:15pm AEST) 25 January.

6. A Sprint to 2020

A number of the Forum’s sessions deal with the geopolitical realities confronting energy supply and the shifting sands of resource ownership, technology supply, waste management and uncertain demand. This panel focuses on the market-driven solutions to energy crises and sustainable development, with insights from speakers like the President and Chief Executive Officer of the China Energy Investment Corporation Limited Ling Wen and Nestle SA Board Chairman Paul Bulcke.

‘A Sprint to 2020’ streams at 8:15am GMT (6:15pm AEST) 24 January.

The Australian Institute of Company Directors is a member of the World Economic Forum.