Membership Update


7 questions to ask for your next board review

Planning a board review? In this extract from the AICD’s latest publication Reviewing Your Board, author Professor Geoffrey Kiel FAICD explains how to get the process right.

Staying on the ball

A recent AICD event in Adelaide highlighted the challenges of sports governance and what sporting organisations need to do to stay ‘on the ball’.

10 tips on tax risk management and governance

One year on, BDO reviews the Australian Tax Office’s ‘Tax risk management and governance review guide’ and recommends 2018’s focal points.

Out and about

Highlights from the AICD events and courses held around the country and abroad.

Getting the most out of your membership

Around the country and abroad the AICD is delivering courses and events to keep you plugged into the world of governance excellence. Expand your network and your thinking at these thought leadership o...

Lost in Space

Even in a digital world with the increasing focus on cyber risk, it is important to consider the security of physical assets, report Amy Braddon and Narelle Hooper.

5 top global risks in 2018

Despite promising headline global growth, the world's economies and societies remain vulnerable amid proliferating indications of uncertainty, instability and fragility, the World Economic Forum says ...

Risk management and climate change

BHP Billiton Vice President (Environment and Climate Change) Dr Fiona Wild MAICD discusses how boards should prepare their organisations for the risks posed by climate change.

The four criteria boards look at when recruiting a new director

In this edited extract from the AICD's essential guide to achieving your board ambitions, Developing Your Director Career, author Elizabeth Jameson FAICD runs through how board recruitment works so yo...

6 sessions you should watch at Davos 2018

The World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting is on this week and will bring together its usual mix of world leaders, business luminaries, cutting-edge researchers and innovators from civil society. W...
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