Pride and joy

HOTA, Queensland’s home of the arts on the gold coast is proving both a resilient not-for-profit and a welcome antidote to troubled times.

Key to the highway

Many AICD members are overseeing organisations that are struggling, unable to operate anywhere near normal capacity. The lockdowns have taken a heavy toll on staff, particularly those balancing home-s...

Share factor

When Peter Chamley MAICD retired as chair of consulting services firm Arup in Australasia in early 2021, the firm opted to appoint two leaders in his place. Kerryn Coker GAICD and Kate West MAICD tell...

Laws of succession

As recruiters identify unprecedented interest in C-Suite executive movements, this refresher for directors on succession planning, best practice and major trends includes the view through the NFP lens...

Staying afloat

Many businesses are hurting as a result of the ongoing disruptions of COVID-19, but few are entering formal insolvency processes. Insolvency practitioners give their views on the seeming paradox.

Back to nature

Business should be aware of the broader risk implications of the destruction of our global “natural capital”.

Should you risk an IPO board?

With competing tensions at play and director reputations on the line, going to an initial public offer is one of the riskiest times in a company’s life cycle.

Unlocking the value of data

As artificial intelligence and information gathering becomes more sophisticated, the explosion of valuable data presents a governance dilemma: how best to ensure its effective use without overstepping...

Global truths and their consequences

Beyond the ills inflicted by pandemic, increasing geopolitical struggles for global influence do not bode well for a battered world economy, writes AICD chief economist Mark Thirlwell MAICD.

Coping with a crisis

Slow-moving catastrophes such as the ongoing pandemic and intermittent lockdowns are forcing a rethink of crisis communications. Experts say a more effective response requires clear messaging.
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