7 ways to appeal to your changing consumer

How do brands stay relevant in a post-pandemic world? They can start by creating safe spaces, setting regenerative goals and enhancing digital experiences for their customers, writes WGSN's Andrea Bel...

A toolkit for governing the aged care sector

The final report of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety recommends a major overhaul of how aged care facilities are governed.

Are you a mindful leader?

An AGS 2021 panel heard that workplaces should do more to support employee health and wellbeing and help people recover from mental illness.

AusCycling: Inside Australia's biggest sporting merger

Three years in the making, the AusCycling mega-merger – of 18 boards with 130 directors and 11 CEOs – involved a dramatic overhaul of structure, strategy and governance.

Australian Governance Summit 2021 wrap-up

At the AICD's 2021 Australian Governance Summit, top chairs and directors discussed hot topics such as the Black Lives Matter movement, innovation and new ways of working.

Balancing stakeholder interests and shareholder returns

In the ongoing stakeholder management debate, the focus is shifting to the role of boards in developing a positive corporate culture and managing issues such as sexual harassment in the workplace.

Decision-making strategies for directors

From managing stakeholders and uncertainty to irreversible consequences, using decision theory can lead to better organisational outcomes, writes Dr Stefan Hajkowicz.

How boards can plan for geopolitical uncertainty

Australian exporters are taking positive steps to mitigate risks and maximise opportunities in the trade war with China, writes Adam Courtenay.

How to gain a competitive advantage through innovation

Leading directors and experts explain why a culture of innovation can fast-track an organisation's competitiveness, success, market share and growth.

Jobs growth is the key to fiscal strategy

Thanks to the coronavirus, future macro policy is inextricably linked to labour market outcomes, writes AICD chief economist Mark Thirlwell.
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