NT Treaty Commissioner Mick Dodson AM on the power of self determination

Former Australian of the Year Mick Dodson AM shares his journey of self determination, and how this will influence his new role as NT Treaty Commissioner.

Indigenous business makes its mark on corporate Australia

The diverse backgrounds of Dug Russell and Michael McLeod of Message Stick Communications enabled them to make an impact for Indigenous business. Read how they did it here.

What makes a good leader?

Craig Semple, chair of the Emerging Writers' Fund, says every good leader must adapt their style to each member of their team. He shares his advice for directors here.

Your next big conference could boost more than just your organisation's exposure

Recent studies have shown that conferences and events can drive benefits outside traditional business and tourism.

What continued low inflation could mean for the Australian economy

AICD chief economist Mark Thirlwell explores Australia's historic low inflation rate, and how this could affect the wider economy in Australia and overseas.

10 areas of focus for the Coalition government

The Coalition's return to power has boosted confidence among many, but where to from here? From climate change to tax cuts, this is what's ahead for the Scott Morrison government.

How the new heavy vehicle road safety laws will affect directors

Directors will be affected by recent changes to chain of responsibility laws that govern heavy vehicles if supply chain risks are not properly managed.

Support for Indigenous constitutional recognition continues

As Australian businesses rally for constitutional recognition of the First Nation's people, attention turns to the Coalition government to update the political agenda.

APRA report identifies 4 areas of improvement for financial boards

Management and boards are under pressure with the release of APRA's report on governance, accountability and culture of large financial companies.

Reinventing Circus Oz

Waning audience numbers and financial strains forced Circus Oz in 2016 to reinvent their organisational strategy. Now, the 41-year-old organisation is thriving.
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