Would you put these people on your board?

If your board wants fresh ideas and digital skills, the answer must be yes. A new generation of millennial directors talks about the challenges they face and the issues they consider important.

How to Make Your Board Smarter

Homogenous boards are at-risk boards, and as more organisations rethink the composition of their boards to better suit the times, cognitive diversity is what counts. Here’s our guide on how to get it,...

The Last Word: Lynn Mason FAICD

The 2017 AICD Tasmania Gold Medal winner says if decision-making is to improve, then governance training should be compulsory for elected members.

Currency Affairs

From IPO to ICO, the rapid rise of digital cryptocurrencies has led to a new approach to fundraising, which poses challenges for regulators, report Andrew Lumsden and Robert Franklyn.

Coffee With a Conscience

República Organic pioneered sustainable, ethical coffee in Australia’s major supermarkets a decade ago. Now the company’s founder, Jacqueline Arias, wants to unlock the US market.

Literary Thriller

In the middle of the Global Financial Crisis, Alison Green, Pantera Press CEO, raised a business idea with her father John M Green FAICD, deputy chair of QBE Insurance. The result was a social-purpose...

What I've Learned: Ann Sherry AO FAICD

Carnival Australia executive chair Ann Sherry reflects on the mind shift necessary when moving from C-Suite to boardroom.

Speed Bumps on the Road to Smarter Boards

Boards need to look more laterally for talent. But the old mates’ network and board-recruitment practices are obstacles to mixing it up, reports Fiona Smith.

Busting the Merit Myth

Selection by merit is not a fixed concept, writes Catherine Fox.

The Quest for a Different Way of Thinking

Teams and boards can rewire their thinking for a smarter and more inclusive approach to decision-making, Deloitte Human Capital partner Juliet Bourke explains in a TEDx talk.
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