The result of today’s Essential poll shows that there is strong public support, across party lines, for a referendum that will provide the Commonwealth with a governance framework for the future.

The AICD has a diverse membership of more than 40,000 people, who are collectively responsible for millions of jobs and billions of dollars in investment across the economy.

The Institute has repeatedly called for the introduction of fixed, four year terms as a means of providing certainty for business and the economy, as well as encouraging long-term policy making over short-term politics.

AICD Chairman Elizabeth Proust AO said the results of today’s poll showed that Australians of all political persuasions saw the need for change as well.

“The framework for our national governance has remained largely untouched for over a century. Australia has many strengths, but to take advantage of them, we need a Parliament that is fit for the 21st Century,” said Ms Proust.

“Our democracy, and the public’s confidence in it, cannot be taken for granted. People are tired of election campaigning taking precedence over real policy reform that will have a meaningful impact on their lives.

“Four year terms to reduce short-term policy-making is one crucial measure that can be taken to the people at a referendum at the next election to improve the governance of our country for the future.

“It will also remove the incentive for good governments to go to elections early, while unpopular ones limp to the end of their terms. “It’s time to stop tinkering around the edges and deliver a real plan for our future. To achieve that we need constitutional reform that has bi-partisan support.

“Today’s Essential poll shows that Australians support taking that step, it’s time to see if our politicians agree.”

The results of today’s Essential poll can be accessed here.

The Essential poll was conducted independently and not commissioned by the AICD.

The AICD called for fixed, four year terms in its Governance of the Nation: A Blueprint for Growth policy reform document. To read the Blueprint, please click here.

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