Opinion pieces


ASIC must show more leadership on forward disclosure

Companies have to make tricky investment decisions in the post-virus world. The changes do not amount to a 'watering down' of disclosure requirements.

Time to close the class action paradise

The government has rightly eased some demands of the continuous disclosure rules. A more balanced system is needed once the virus emergency passes.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction

Newton’s third law is reversed for regulation however: for every inaction – for every failure of governance and self-regulation – the community demands a regulatory reaction.

Boards must respond to clarion call for change

The resignations of NAB’s chairman and chief executive in the wake of the Royal Commission’s Final report is the first acknowledgement of the changes expected in corporate culture to restore community...

Boardroom roles must be understood, not blurred by regulators

Non-executive directors play a crucial role in Australia’s corporate governance framework, but the nature of their role is increasingly misunderstood. Recent discussions amongst policy makers and comm...

We’re all in this together, so higher standards are needed

The standard disclaimer that ‘past performance does not predict future results’ applies as much to Australia’s superannuation system as it does individual assets. And with $2.6 trillion in assets in t...

Why Diversity Matters

As a Male Champion of Change (MCC) I had assumed the business case for gender diversity on boards, and in executive leadership of companies, the public service and not-for-profits was generally accept...

Women on boards — problem is demand, not their supply

The Royal Commission’s allegations of serious wrongdoing in the financial services sector have sent shockwaves through corporate Australia.

Australia is running out of booms

Every director understands the importance of sound financial management as a cornerstone of good governance. It is the same for government, or at least it should be. After all, the maintenance of our ...

Access to Justice must be Fair

The Rule of Law is an essential characteristic of Australian society. It’s fundamental to how we see ourselves, and how we like the world to see us. Timely and effective access to justice is a crucial...
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