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Why Diversity Matters

As a Male Champion of Change (MCC) I had assumed the business case for gender diversity on boards, and in executive leadership of companies, the public service and not-for-profits was generally accept...

Women on boards — problem is demand, not their supply

The Royal Commission’s allegations of serious wrongdoing in the financial services sector have sent shockwaves through corporate Australia.

Australia is running out of booms

Every director understands the importance of sound financial management as a cornerstone of good governance. It is the same for government, or at least it should be. After all, the maintenance of our ...

Access to Justice must be Fair

The Rule of Law is an essential characteristic of Australian society. It’s fundamental to how we see ourselves, and how we like the world to see us. Timely and effective access to justice is a crucial...

Insolvency Laws Make Welcome Leap into 21st Century

Disruption, innovation and being Amazon-ready are often cited as the keys to business success and employment growth in a rapidly changing world. However sometimes it is the practical changes to our le...

Good Governance in the Not-for-profit Sector is Paramount

Reports of poor practice in the charity sector often stem from poor governance and can damage trust and lead to disproportionate responses, writes Elizabeth Proust AO, Chairman of the Australian Insti...

Safe harbour laws will help more businesses set sail

Safe harbour reforms present an opportunity to protect jobs and value, and make Australia more attractive to the companies of the future.

Fraser review fails investors

Bernie Fraser’s long-awaited report on industry superannuation governance represents a missed opportunity to lift the quality of governance in this important sector.

Premier’s Regret a Warning for Turnbull

If Malcolm Turnbull doesn’t take action soon, he and the outgoing NSW Premier will be reminiscing over the same missed opportunity for years to come, writes AICD Chairman Elizabeth Proust.

Populism Trumping Policy

Populism is on the march around the world. Populist movements have swept the UK, US, Europe and the Philippines. But Australian policymakers must resist the tide and implement desperately needed refor...
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