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How can the Australian tax system stay fit for purpose?

If the Australian tax system is to remain fit for purpose in the long term, it will need a bit more than regulator maintenance.

Federal Budget 2018: BDO's guide for directors

Australia's Federal Budget 2018 has plenty for directors to consider, including new measures regarding phoenixing and R&D concessions. Despite the Government's insistence that it remains committed to ...

Business Leaders Call for Infrastructure Investment and Energy Certainty ahead of May Budget

Australian directors are calling for infrastructure to be put at the top of the priority list in next month’s Federal Budget, according to the bi-annual Director Sentiment Index released today by the ...

Director Sentiment Index: First Half 2018

For the third survey in a row director sentiment has reached its highest point since 2011, largely off the back of increased confidence about the strength of the Australian economy, as well as other m...

Six reforms Australia needs

The ‘Governance of the Nation: A Report Card on Progress’ report delivered mixed reviews for Australia’s reform journey. Read how we’re tracking on six key policies which could...

The Economist: Wielding the Company Tax Axe

Australian corporate tax is on the way down. Stephen Walters GAICD asks, will it be in time to maximise potential benefits — and will those benefits ever really “trickle down”?

Ken Henry AC in conversation with Leigh Sales

NAB Chairman Ken Henry AC discusses the future of reform, why the tax debate has become 'strange' and the challenges facing the banking sector.

10 tips on tax risk management and governance

One year on, BDO reviews the Australian Tax Office’s ‘Tax risk management and governance review guide’ and recommends 2018’s focal points.

Tax Transparency: Why You Need to Know About BEPS

Corporate taxation is being forced out of the shadows as boards face growing public scrutiny over company tax in fallout from the “Paradise Papers”. Base Erosion Profit Shifting (BEPS) has emerged as ...

Company Tax Reform: Transparency

There is demand for greater transparency on if, where and how corporations pay tax. Ben Scull from Thomson Reuters Australia and New Zealand and Christopher Niesche deliver an essential director brief...
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