Topic: Strategy and risk

Every organisation faces risk and directors need to know about it. Let us explain the types of risk and how to mitigate them


4 things that can make or break your organisation’s reputation

Reputation is everything – even Warren Buffet thinks so. This month, in partnership with the Trans-Tasman Business Circle, the AICD invited a group of directors from Australia’s financial, insurance a...

7 cybersecurity essentials from Malcolm Turnbull’s infosec guru

Alastair MacGibbon, Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Cyber Security, spoke to the AICD about how far business has come, where it needs to go and why cybersecurity is so much more than a negati...

Empowering female entrepreneurship for future prosperity

Research shows that startups led by women deliver outstanding returns but still too little capital is flowing to female led businesses. Fiona Boyd, CEO of Heads over Heels, a not-for-profit supporting...

Flying high: the two keys to doing business in Singapore

A new international route from Canberra to Singapore presents exciting opportunities for ACT businesses. A recent AICD event provided advice on how they could capitalise on the closer links to one of ...

Planning for the unknown

As the global business landscape becomes more unpredictable, boards need to assess their capability to foresee black swan events, writes Tony Featherstone.

Governing against digital threats: an introduction to cybersecurity

Cybercrime is on the rise; preparing to resist the threat must be on the board agenda. In an extract from a new AICD book on IT governance from the AICD’s publishing imprint, authors Nicholas and Alex...

Profile: Start me up

Fishburners’ CEO Murray Hurps talks to Emily Chantiri about advocating for greater entrepreneurial thinking on boards and the need for greater risk taking in business.

Best laid plans

A robust and well-executed strategy provides the link between a company’s board and effective governance, writes Alexandra Cain.

Financial Reporting

The going concern rule is a fundamental tenet in the preparation of most financial statements. Tony Featherstone explains the potential risk for directors and boards that fail to fully understand its ...

The role of boards of the acquiring company in M&A

Over the past few months, the Governance Leadership Centre has examined the role of boards in M&A across different stages of a transaction. The series addresses key questions that boards need to ask a...
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