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Directors' Counsel: Getting a Fair Go

Changes in the regulatory regime are shifting the power towards small businesses and consumers, writes Prof Bob Baxt AO FAICDLife.

How customers can help SMEs create reliable innovation opportunities

Business thrives when customers get what they ask for. In part three of his series on innovation, Andrew Klapka GAICD sets out ways SMEs can engage with their customers to jump-start innovation.

Director’s role in growing their small to medium business

Your focus as a business owner/director is key to the growth and long-term sustainability of the business

Q&A with Maxine Horne MAICD

Maxine Horne’s career has seen her take the leap from small business owner to CEO of ASX-listed Vita Group Limited. Ahead of her appearance at an upcoming Directors’ Breakfast, Maxine sits down with t...

The Dream Team

Assembling a board for the first time can be daunting for small or family owned companies. Domini Stuart outlines the key things to consider when taking the leap.

A Campaign for Business Prosperity - Pay bills on Time

Today the Council of Small Business of Australia, the Australian Industry Group and the Australian Institute of Company Directors have launched a campaign to get Australian businesses to pay their bil...

What directors need to know about changes to unfair contract terms

New laws come into place this month which will allow courts to crack down on unfair contract terms for small businesses. ACCC Deputy Chair Dr Michael Schaper FAICD explains what directors need to know...

The questions SMEs should ask to drive innovation

In the third part of an ongoing series on innovation for SMEs, Andrew Klapka, CEO of Trans Chem, sets out the questions SMEs must ask to define their ‘axes of innovation’.

How SMEs can build a culture of innovation

A carefully cultivated innovation culture is an essential ingredient for businesses looking to stay current. In part two of his series on innovation, Andrew Klapka GAICD explores key considerations fo...

How SMEs can become more innovative

Have you always wondered how some businesses seem to innovate so readily and easily? Andrew Klapka GAICD considers three steps SMEs can take to be innovation ready.
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