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Is your organisation and board capitalising on the latest technology? Let us help you create a plan for innovation


Facebook IQs 7 Trends

Facebook IQ, the research arm of the social media giant, has released its first Annual Topics & Trends Report. Using Facebook's conversation data from its two billion users, the report reveals the...

Driving innovation from the boardroom

Last month, I wrote about the need for business to strike a balance between regulatory and compliance obligations and taking appropriate risks for growth and innovation.

Support for Australian businesses affected by AI ahead

The B Team is working to develop principles to help support Australian businesses deal with AI.

This startup is using nanosatellites to make data more accessible for Australians

Using nanosatellites that orbit the earth, Myriota is changing the game of data distribution, making data easily accessible for all Australians.

The benefits of Cooperative Research Centres

Collaboration between industry, research and the community, Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs) boost innovation and growth but bring some governance challenges.

RAC WA's 12 year journey to drive innovation

RAC WA anticipated a risky future in 2007 but seized the chance to reinvent its business and brand. It offers a case study with lessons for directors and management.

Directors, is your business ready for AI?

AI offers huge opportunities for Australian business. Is your board prepared for self programming machines, and digital decision making?

Should robots have a heart?

As AI becomes more advanced and its use integral to business, directors discuss the ethics of machines making decisions on behalf of humans.

7 ways to sharpen your board

Innovation is a vital driver of an organisation's success. Ross Dawson shares seven tips to help boards maximise their performance.

Key questions for boards on AI

Credit Union Australia set out on the AI path to make life easier for customers and employees. Here are CUA's lessons to help boards make the most of AI.

Could robots replace directors?

Speaking at the 2019 AGS, Chief Scientist Alan Finkel AO discussed top issues for boards on innovation and AI, and whether director robots could ever replace humans.
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