Topic: Economy and society and sustainability

Companies and their directors should know how their operations impact on society and the environment. AICD can help


Why your organisation should embrace circular economy business models

The circular economy aims to reduce the environmental impact of business by incorporating reuse and recycling into business models. Here's the lowdown on expectations, state and federal policies and e...

Government gives relief to directors on insolvent trading laws as part of coronavirus response packa...

The government has given six month relief to directors for any personal liability from trading while insolvent as part of its COVID-19 response package.

Issues facing the Australian economy in 2020

From the COVID-19 outbreak to globalisation, AICD chief economist Mark Thirlwell discusses the wave of issues influencing Australia's economic landscape.

COVID-19 – Can your business survive a recession?

The Reserve Bank of Australia this week cut interest rates to a record low and announced measures to prevent a coronavirus-driven recession. Could your business survive a recession? Here we outline st...

The ongoing impact of bushfires on the Australian economy

Australia's bushfire season has caused catastrophic damage, but the economic cost of natural disasters could be less harmful if government investment in building resilience is made a priority.

How changing consumer spending habits could impact your business

Despite reports that consumer spending is in decline, buying behaviours are shifting as consumers lean towards more personalised products and services, says social scientist Dr Ross Honeywill.

How does Australia's corporate tax stack up globally?

Phil Ruthven AM compares Australia's corporate tax take to the wider global economy.

What has happened to Australia's economic growth?

Though affected by the global economy, Australia's slow economic growth is a result of weak productivity and a reluctance to invest, says AICD chief economist Mark Thirlwell.

Director sentiment drops to a three year low

Director sentiment drops to a three year low as over 60 per cent of directors expect weakened economic conditions over the next 12 months.

Global economic slowdown to further affect Australian economy

Australians can expect a further slowdown of the economy as the US and European bond markets continue to fall, writes AICD chief economist Mark Thirlwell.
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