Topic: Economy and society and sustainability

Companies and their directors should know how their operations impact on society and the environment. AICD can help


The trust landscape is shifting, and so too must directors

A range of factors are converging that make it impossible for directors to turn a blind eye to their broader obligations to society, says trust and ethics expert Clare Payne.

Vaccine holds the key to the world's economic recovery

Despite the IMF's early predictions of a meltdown, the global economy is forecast to grow in 2021. But recovery still depends on the successful rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Assessing Australia's growth prospects in 2021

Although the economy is showing positive signs of recovery, its future growth prospects are largely tied to COVID-19 and federal fiscal policy, writes AICD chief economist Mark Thirlwell.

Sentiment bounces back despite COVID-19 economic uncertainty crisis: Director Sentiment Index

The latest Director Sentiment Index (DSI) has revealed a jump in director sentiment, despite the on-going economic uncertainty triggered by COVID-19.

Investing in renewable energy could drive Australia's economic recovery

Research from Beyond Zero Emissions suggests modernising infrastructure, investing in regional jobs and reducing greenhouse gases could build new foundations for economic growth.

JobKeeper Scheme: What directors need to know

Perhaps one of the most delicate and fraught challenges facing businesses in the midst of COVID-19 is the management of staff. As the economic downturn deepens, and cash flow constraints present, boar...

Should your CEO, directors take a pay cut?

Next AGM season in the second half of 2020 will be a test for COVID-19 remuneration reporting and all companies should be aware they may be targeted by investors and proxy advisers during this time ov...

Sentiment plummets amidst COVID-19 crisis: Director Sentiment Index

Sentiment has plummeted to its lowest level since the inception of the survey in 2011, with only two per cent of directors expecting the Australian economy to be strong in the coming year.

Why your organisation should embrace circular economy business models

The circular economy aims to reduce the environmental impact of business by incorporating reuse and recycling into business models. Here's the lowdown on expectations, state and federal policies and e...

Government gives relief to directors on insolvent trading laws as part of coronavirus response packa...

The government has given six month relief to directors for any personal liability from trading while insolvent as part of its COVID-19 response package.
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