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Companies and their directors should know how their operations impact on society and the environment. AICD can help


Weekly Updates

My name is Mark Thirlwell and I am the Australian Institute of Company Directors’ new Chief Economist. I started work this month and am looking forward to resuming the weekly ‘Economic Update’.

RBA's Philip Lowe on Australia's economic outlook

Accountability, trust and good culture are essential for economic prosperity, says RBA governor Philip Lowe.

How will Australia's economy perform in 2019?

Deloitte Access partner Chris Richardson predicts the highs and lows for Australia's economy in 2019.

Economist Saul Eslake on the worrying trends in the global economy

With cheap money declining and the working age population shrinking, 2019 could prove problematic for the state of the global economy.

AICD survey results: Directors lose confidence in government

The latest Australian Institute of Company Directors’ (AICD) Director Sentiment Index (DSI) for the second half of 2018 shows directors have increasing pessimism towards Canberra’s im...

The future of work – Six trends for your board agenda

Work is changing and the way directors govern their organisations must adapt. Boards will need to take informed and considered steps to take advantage of new opportunities. A new report by the AICD, D...

Director Sentiment Dips in Uncertain Climate

Australia’s directors have lost confidence over the past six months, although they remain more optimistic about the economic and business outlook than they were at the end of 2017.

Director Sentiment Index: Second Half 2018

For the first time in 18 months, director confidence has fallen, according to the AICD’s Director Sentiment Index. Despite the fall over the last six months, directors are optimistic about the health ...

Director Sentiment Index: Glass Half Full

For the third survey in a row director sentiment has reached its highest point since 2011, largely off the back of increased confidence about the strength of the Australian economy, as well as other m...

The risks in rising Australian household debt

Australian households are scaling a $2.3 trillion mountain of debt, but how far can they climb?
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